Best Veggie Lasagna Recipe In 2024

How to make this incredible Veggie Lasagna Recipe. Let’s get started. I think we can all agree there is nothing better in life than lasagna. However, when I’m eating it, I don’t always feel like I’m making the healthiest choice. So that’s why I love this vegetarian lasagna recipe so much because you get all of the goodness of lasagna, except we are packing in a ton of vegetables so it’s healthier.

The first thing we’re gonna do is dice up 1/2 an onion. Dice two carrots and I’m gonna dice these up pretty small. we’re gonna dice up one zucchini. We’re gonna do is saute our veggies. Let’s enhance the flavors a bit by adding a dash of olive oil to the pan. We’re gonna cook these vegetables till they’re just about soft. I’m also gonna add a little salt and pepper, just a pinch or two on each.

Choosing the Right Noodles

While these veggies are sauteing, I wanna talk about your choice of lasagna noodles. There are two main kinds that you can use, the traditional kind. These are dried and you have to boil them just really as you would any kind of pasta, but you also have a new option that we just found in the store. I didn’t even really know about these until a couple of weeks ago.

These are boiled lasagna noodles. These are amazing because they’ve already been cooked for you. So all you have to do is take them out of their packaging, put them in your baking dish, and just basically use them as if they were already cooked, which they are. Here’s the thing: if you cook with these regular lasagna noodles and you have to boil them, now is the time to get that started on your stove. But this time I’m gonna use the no-boil option to make my life a little quicker and easier.

Adding Spinach for Nutrients

Now that these veggies are softened a little bit, we’re gonna add our spinach. I like to do between four and five handfuls and this is completely to taste. It’s really about how much spinach you want to add to your vegetarian lasagna. I’m gonna stop there for a second and just let these cook down a little bit ’cause you know spinach when you put it in, it looks really big, and then when it cooks a little bit, it gets really small.

Now the first two handfuls of spinach have softened, and wilted a little bit, I’m gonna add two more. The next thing we’re gonna do is take our sauteed veggies and dump them into a blender. Now we’re gonna add a cup and a half of this ricotta cheese into the blender. Now you might see some recipes out there that use cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese, and yes, cottage cheese might be a little bit healthier.

Creating the Ricotta Veggie Mixture

So if you’re trying to make the healthiest meal possible, cottage cheese could be your choice and you can interchange them as you wish. We’re gonna do is pulse all of these veggies together with the ricotta cheese. The important thing to note here is that we don’t wanna make it soupy. We don’t wanna overly do it. We just wanna pulse a little bit to break up the biggest pieces of the veggies.

So as you can see, everything is mixing nicely and we’re making it a lot smaller. We have made the perfect ricotta veggie mixture. It is a great time to go ahead and preheat your oven to 425 degrees. now is the best part of this recipe and that is the assembly of the vegetarian lasagna. So we’re gonna start with one layer of marinara sauce.

Layering the Lasagna

This recipe calls for two cups of marinara sauce so I’m gonna use about 1/4 of this. So let’s put half a cup of tomato sauce. Next, we’re gonna add our no-boil lasagna noodles. We’re gonna add a layer of this delicious ricotta mixture. The next layer we’re gonna do is one tablespoon of this Parmesan cheese. I do it nice and light. Parmesan has a pretty strong flavor so I don’t like overdoing it. So I think one tablespoon per layer is just fine.

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And Add some mozzarella cheese, just gonna sprinkle it in here. And for this mozzarella cheese, you’re gonna use about 1/4 cup each layer. Now that we’ve completed this first layer, we’re gonna do this three more times. So for the top layer, it’s a little bit different. We’re gonna skip the ricotta on the very top and we’re just going to put our no-boil noodles, and then we’re going to add tomato sauce, Parmesan, and the last a bit of mozzarella.

Baking the Vegetarian lasagna

So with all of our layers done on this vegetarian lasagna, now we’re gonna pop it in the oven but very importantly, we need to cover it with tin foil. We’re gonna create a little tinfoil tent. So I roll up a tinfoil just like this and then tuck it into the edges, and this is an important tip here, we wanna try to keep the tinfoil from touching the cheese too directly because then the cheese will stick to the tinfoil when it melts.

We’re gonna bake this vegetarian lasagna for 15 minutes covered and then we’re gonna uncover it and bake it for another 10 minutes. All right, so 15 minutes is up. Now we’re going to pull it out on the rack and we’re going to remove the tinfoil. But be careful, this is very hot. And then I’m gonna give it a little bit of a turn and pop it back in and we’re gonna let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Veggie Lasagna Recipe Is Ready

10 Minutes is up, This vegetarian lasagna looks so delicious. I don’t care if you feel a certain way because it’s more vegetarian lasagna than regular, this is exactly what you want out of a lasagna and I cannot wait to give it a try. This looks and smells amazing. This vegetarian lasagna is the perfect Sunday night dinner. You gotta call your friends and family and have them come over. They are going to think you’re a hero for making it. You guys are gonna love this recipe.

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