Latest Teaching Jobs at Cantt Public High School & Girls College

Latest Teaching Jobs at Cantt Public High School & Girls College If you have the necessary qualifications and experience, this could be your chance to contribute to the growth and development of young minds in a learning environment.

Teaching Jobs at Cantt Public High School & Girls College

Cantt Public High School and Girls College are seeking to fill the following Teaching Jobs.

  1. Lecturer Chemistry: Passionate individuals with expertise in Chemistry and commitment to impart high-quality education.
  2. Lecturer Physics: Qualified candidates who can inspire students with a passion for physics and scientific research.
  3. Computer Lab Attendant: Responsible for maintaining computer labs and assisting students and faculty with technical support.
  4. Lecturer Mathematics: An educator with a strong background in mathematics and the ability to engage students in the subject.
  5. English Teacher: Instructor specializing in teaching English language skills and promoting effective communication.
  6. Urdu Lecturer: Educational expert with expertise in Urdu language and literature.
  7. Teacher of Islamiat / Lecturer Islamiat: Persons who are well versed in Islamic sciences and capable of imparting religious education with depth and clarity.
  8. Physical Trainer PT: Fitness enthusiasts with expertise in promoting physical health and fitness in students through training programs.
  9. Admin: Administrators capable of managing various administrative functions and ensuring the smooth operation of the institution.
  10. Maths Teacher: Experienced educators who specialize in teaching mathematics at various levels with clarity and enthusiasm.
  11. General Knowledge Teacher: Teachers interested in enhancing students’ general knowledge and promoting good education.
  12. Lecturer Pakistani Studies: Experts in Pakistani history, culture, and geography who can engage students in understanding their national identity.
  13. Computer Teacher: Skilled teachers capable of teaching computer science concepts and practical skills.
  14. Urdu Teacher: Dedicated teacher specializing in teaching Urdu language and literature.
  15. Lecturer Biology: Qualified individuals with expertise in Biology and the ability to bring the subject to life for students.
  16. Art Teacher: Creative individuals who specialize in teaching various forms of art and fostering artistic expression in students.
  17. Lecturer Computer: Educators with in-depth knowledge of computer science principles and programming languages.
  18. Librarian: Organized persons responsible for managing the school library and inculcating the love of reading among the students.
  19. Home Teacher: Compassionate educators capable of providing personalized instruction to students with diverse learning needs.
  20. Social Studies Teacher / Geography Teacher: Teachers specializing in social studies and geography, encourage students to understand the world around them.

Latest Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs at Cantt Public High School & Girls College
Teaching Jobs at Cantt Public High School & Girls College


Ideal candidates should possess relevant academic qualifications such as MA, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed, Bachelor, MS, BA, M.Ed, and Master’s degrees. Additionally, at least 2 years of experience in their respective fields is preferred.

How to Apply for Teaching Jobs:

Interested candidates are encouraged to go through the complete advertisement published in Daily Express Tribune dated 2nd March 2024 for detailed application instructions. The last date for submission of applications is 18 March 2024, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join Cantt Public High School and Girls College and play a vital role in shaping the future of education in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

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