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How to apply for teaching Jobs Many jobs have come, these are the jobs of teachers, these are the jobs of secondary school teachers, jobs in various fields, these are the jobs of IT, Bio Mathematics, Physics Chemistry, these are the jobs of all Punjab, which can apply from all over Punjab, including male, female, transgender.

Pakistan Job 286, I have jobs on it, whatever new update happens, I will update you in the form of a post I keep telling you how to apply, what is the method, and what the complete method of online, These are the jobs in the advertisement. Sir, this has come from the Punjab Public Commission.

Online Teaching Jobs

This is the job of SST i.e. Paja Secondary School Teacher. Yes, this is the job of the teaching Jobs IT department. In which Sheikhupura Nankana Gujranwalawala Sialkot Gujarat Faisalabad Sarco Khushb Jello Multan Khanewal Muzaffargarh Laiya These are. The teaching Jobs in district Yes Post Name is mentioned here Brother Total Post is mentioned here.

IT’s and Open Married Quota Vaman Kota has mentioned here Apart from this the age learned are you You can see, those whose education is M.C.S. or B.S.B.C.S can apply. Regarding IT jobs, for teachers whose age is 40 years, female is 43 years and which district is this from? You will apply. If you are from Sialkot then Sialkot people should apply.

Pakistan Jobs

If you are from Gujarat then you will apply and that is where you will be posted. So this is the syllabus. Here you can see this teaching Jobs is a written test and it is 80 but these will be your related questions on the subject. And there will be a total paper of 100 marks on General Ability 20. Apart from this, this is the bio of this SST who is a bio teacher, his scale is 16, so this is a total of 37 seats.

Here you can see from Lahore Sheikhpura Kasur Nankana to Gujrawala Sialkot Gujarat Wazirabad Jello Multan. Sahiwal Khanewal Bhavpur, you can see this, it is the teaching Jobs same criteria, its qualification is MA, M, AC, B.Ed and BS, BS ED, they can apply, you can see and apart from this, these are mathematics teacher’s jobs.

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Also, skill is 16 Sheikhupura Kasur Nankana Gujrawala Syal Kot Gujarat Wazirabad Faisalabad Jello Multan Razar Khan Muzaffargarh These a are total 37 seats and the qualification for them is MA MSC B.Ed BS BS they can apply, apart from this the teaching Jobs subject of Physics which will be taught. These are the jobs for them.

District, let me tell you again Lahore Sheikhpura Kasur Nankana Gujrawala Syal Kot Gujarat Wazirabad Jalam Multan Bahawalpur Rahim Yar Khan Muzaffargarh. This is a total of 37 seats, the qualification for this should be MA MSC B.Ed and SS Physics i.e. the subject which is relevant to the subject. You should have a syllabus according to which subject one who knows how to study can apply.

Teaching Jobs Last Date

The age limit is the same for everyone and so on. Next is the shortcoming. You can see that there are a total of 36 seats to apply. This is the teaching Jobs’ last date of the method, let me tell you that you have to do it online on 20th December 2023. You have to deposit the fees from the Punjab Public Commission, you have to deposit 600.

The fee will be through ATM, Mobile, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, or any method. You can apply through i.e. you can deposit the fees, whatever the method of applying, I will take you, stay with me, do not skip my sir, for the teacher you have to apply for, you have found this on the main website of Punjab Public Commission. You have to open it from here if you have to click on apply online here.

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Then you can see this kind of platform, you can see this of Secondary School Sheikhupura, you can see this, district wise, you are here, whatever district you are from. Talaqthe is disguise, will you apply or IT Faisalabad IT Gujarat i.e. if you want to apply in IT then you have to apply in this way, if you apply from the same district in which you are, then this is the bio, the bio is starting these seven.

Till the number, all this is the job of a teacher, so for example, I do the secondary school teacher’s bio, if it is yours, then you do it for the bio, you see, here you can see, you can get two seats like his, or 600 fees. You have to deposit, this is the way to proceed, you see, all this is the same, you mean the district is different, For those who want to apply, the way to apply is the same, so you will click here, you have to read this instruction, it is mandatory to read it.

If you have to read it and click on apply online, then here you have to give the CNC number with a dash and again you have to give the same number C and C which is the ID card number, leave out the dash and you have to proceed next. You have to scan the documents of your qualification, you have to scan the document photo, you have to upload all the.

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