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How to apply Police Jobs New Jobs in Pakistan 2023 vacancies have come in various departments but there is some difference in the method of applying. If you do not watch the post completely then you will not be able to apply. I request you if you want to apply online then You have to watch this POS completely, department police is also included, you can also apply for ASI, sir, the first department is the Punjab Higher Education Department, it is Senior Instructor Assistant Professor is required, you can apply, English, Islamiat, Commerce, Economics, Mathematics is

There are various subjects in which you will be able to participate and Open Merit, Minority Quota, and Special Person Quota are also included here, you can see all the details for example, when you apply for English, there are 14 criteria for Open Merit, Minority is one, Special Person Quota is zero. A total of 15 vacancies Similarly if you want to apply for commerce, there are 56 vacancies, the minority quota is three, the Police Jobs special person quota is one, and the total is 60 vacancies, similarly, you can fill in the remaining details.

Police Jobs Qualification

You can see that the total open merit seats are 129, the minority quota is seven, the special person quota is two, and the total number of vacancies is 138, its qualification is written here, you can see it clearly, here. But all the methods are written, if I read them in detail then the Police Jobs post will become very long, there is a lot more to discuss with you, so first the vacancies that I have shared with you are professor’s vacancies but this vacancy This is that of the lecturer, his scale is BS 18, its BS scale is 17 you will apply from all over Punjab, there are various subjects,

You can see, Urdu, English, Islamiat, Commerce, and subjects like English Short Hand Economics. Yes, here we will talk about Urdu. Open merit is 110. The minority quota is six. The special person quota is four. The total number is 120. Urdu is fine. English is 92. Open merit is fine. The minority quota is five more. The special person quota is three, total is 100 vacancies. English is. For Islamiat, there are 58 vacancies for open merit. There is no minority quota and the special person quota is two.

Police Jobs 2023

The Police Jobs total is 60 vacancies. For commerce, if you apply, 95 open merit is. Yes and minority quota, there are five special person quotas, three are total, and 103 vacancies similarly you can also see the details of other subjects, the total open merit quota is 511 minority quota is 24, and the special person quota is 17. the total total vacancy is 552. let’s talk about his education. You should have a Master’s degree with second division. Higher Education Commission in a relevant subject. and a separate one for the subject of English shorthand.

There are details from and separate details for Computer Science. Master’s degree, for these also you should have in Computer Science or you should have training equivalent to it. You can apply even do not have experience with these posts, you’ll, you see the age limit is between 21 to 28 plus 5 years of general age relaxation is available, this gender male can apply, male and transgender the domicile is the entire Punjab, i.e. entire Punjab. You can apply for the Pledge of Posting here. Sir, this is Commerce College Punjab.

Pakistan Jobs

The next department is the Revenue Department. Deputy Commissioner Bhawal Apu. In this, you will be able to apply for the post of Junior Clerk. BS 11 scale will be in total. 21 Vansiya is a special person. Two is minority quota, two is Vomit quota, seven is clear and your education should be with Higher Secondary School Certificate second division, your speed should be 25 words, permit of typing on the computer, English is fine and here Microsoft Office is fine, that is Office. Work:

You should know MS Excel PowerPoint, you must have understood the point, the age of male is 18 to 25 plus 5 years of general age is relaxed available, total is 30 years, similarly, the general age of the female is 8 years. Relax is available which becomes 33 years, it is Gender Male, males, and Transgender can apply, do it for Missal District Bahawalpur only, The Police Jobs next department is the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education where you will apply for Welfare Officer, one for The post is vacant. Open merit is required. Education is a Master’s Degree in the Second Region. Sociology and Social Work is.

Government Jobs Last Date And Age Limit

One year of experience in a relevant field is cleared. The age of Males is 22 to 40 plus 5 in General. Age Relaxation is a Total of 45 Years. Similarly, the General Age Relaxation of 8 years for Females is a Total of 48 Years. It is. The male is 45. The female is 48. Similarly, Gender Male, Female, and Transgender can apply. Domicile is All Punjab is. You can apply from all over Punjab, you can see the syllabus, your MCQ type return test will be of 100 marks, which you have to clear in 90 minutes, it is and General Knowledge, Pak Studies, Current Affairs, Geography, English, Basic Mathematics, Urdu,

Police Jobs Advertisement Page
Police Jobs Advertisement Page

You will get questions like Everyday Science, it is and you can also get questions related to your syllabus. 80 is and its closing date is 01th January 2023. To apply, you have to type PACG ripe, it is you can find it below the Police Jobs. You can see three advertisements 28, 29, and 30, which advertisement number 30, I have just shared with you, there are two remaining advertisements, you can also download them, there is a tremendous opportunity in them, you can apply in the food department also, primary and secondary.

Online Jobs In Pakistan Information

You can apply to the education department. yes, once you download them, you must find a job related to your qualifications out how to apply, you have to come down and click on Apply Online. On ‘Ha’ you will see all the vacancies. Here you will be able to apply easily for any post you want to apply for. to make you understand, for example, we will apply for a lecturer. Commerce is our subject we can see its details again, you do not need to download the advertisement, you have directly come to the PPSC website, I have started telling you the process,

You can also see your details here advertisement number is 30. The Police Jobs cash number is in front of you, A Master’s degree is fine with the second division, and the total number of posts is 103 fine the Police Jobs Voman quota is zero, the Special person quota is three, the Minority quota is five, fine here your scale is 17 and age limit is in front of you. I have discussed all these things with you, and I will not repeat them, the fee is 600, and to apply, you have to click on proceed, there is this instruction, you have to read it carefully,

Police Jobs

And apply online but you have to click here, The CNIC number is with a dash, and the CNIC number without a dash is putting it, you have to click on proceed, whatever is yours, and the next process will start running, without talking to you, SI in ASI department police. How will you apply for the Police job post what is the method of earning? Let me tell you. here we will talk about the qualification. Your qualification should be F or FSC. Higher Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent.

You can apply even if you have training. Physical minimum height is 5 feet, medically fit is fine and age limit for females is 18 to 35 years. No age relaxation is available here. Gender-only female candidates are eligible. Syllabus Subjective Paper in English as Urdu as General Knowledge Lesson Form Urdu to English and English to Urdu is here you can see the details Assistant Sub Inspector BS 11 Scale Hoga Voman Kota hai in Balochistan Police is and its. To apply, you have to visit the website of the Police Jobs Balochistan Public Service Commission.

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PPSC Jobs Apply 2023
PPSC Jobs Apply 2023

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