Try Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe In 20 Min

Are you sick and tired of having your sugar cookies just spread out in the oven and become crazy blobs? I was until I finally got this Sugar Cookie Recipe down pat. There’s one secret ingredient and it changes everything. You don’t have to worry about chilling the cookies. It’s foolproof and it’s delicious. It’s razor-sharp.

Let’s get started. I’m adding four cups or 480 grams of all-purpose flour into a bowl and I have a sifter on top of it so I can sift all the dry ingredients together. 3/4 of a teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a cup of cornstarch. One ingredient substitution is all you need. Sift everything up, give it a quick whisk, and set aside. I’m adding one cup of room-temperature butter into a standing mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.

Mixing the Sugar Cookie Dough

Let’s mix it up just a little bit before we add the sugar in. And now one cup of granulated sugar. Before I add that egg in, the sugar and the butter are lighter in color. They’re a little bit fluffier, they’ve puffed up. This is delicious but don’t eat it yet. I have two room-temperature eggs to add in one at a time, so add the first one in, mix until it’s incorporated, and add the second one. Just scrape that bowl.

After it’s all nice and light and fluffy, we can add in our dry mixture. Mix it up, you’re gonna see it come together. And we can also add the vanilla in at this point. You might wanna scrape the bowl in at this point. Now you see the dough is sticking to the paddle. we’re gonna add this into a plastic bag, flatten it together, and then chill it for maybe 20 minutes or so just so it firms up, and rests.

Tips for Rolling and Cutting Perfect Sugar Cookies

This would be perfect for rolling out. Just roll it up to give it a headstart and then toss it into the fridge. You can also make those well in advance and just keep them chilled in the freezer or the fridge. Sprinkle some flour because you don’t want it to stick. And then just like for pie crust, you wanna move the cookie dough around because if it sticks, you’re gonna be sad.

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I like my cookies a little thick, so don’t roll them out to be paper-thin. It’ll burn more easily that way. Using a circular cookie cutter is my favorite, and we’re just gonna plop some holes down. Cut my cookies out and now I’m just gonna take away those extra scraps. We can re-roll them for more cookies. This recipe is perfect for cutout cookies. I got so frustrated in the past with other sugar cookie recipes and they give you all these tricks. They just don’t work.

The Importance of Cornstarch

You need the cornstarch in there. One little tiny ingredient adds all the difference. Okay, plop your cookies out. I have a silpat. I love it because, in my humble opinion, the cookie doesn’t burn at the bottom. It’s kind of like an insulator, but parchment paper will work or even directly on the cookie sheet. I just think it will be a little bit more brown.

Normally browning doesn’t bother me at all, but for some reason sugar cookies, everyone wants to be perfectly pristine. Even if it’s like a reindeer with little antler tips, you don’t want those antler tips burned. These are gonna bake at 375 for about 12 minutes and I will always turn my baking sheet around halfway through because my oven is a little bit uneven in this heat.

Baking Tips For Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

If you’re making bigger cookies or smaller cookies, you might have to adjust the time. You can make tiny little button cookies and they’ll bake in a second. So just be mindful. The center isn’t gonna be set. It’s gonna be a little bit soft. So like if you tried to pick it up right after baking, it’ll just fall apart. But take it out of the oven, let them cool on the baking sheet and they will harden up and be perfectly baked.

So don’t overbake them. They’re gonna be almost a little bit under-baked. Into the oven. So you know they look nice, but do they taste good too? Let’s find out. That is like the perfect sugar cookie, with just the right softness, and crunchiness on the outside. The vanilla’s coming through a little tiny bit of the salt, it screams holidays and it’s not even anything piped on top of them.

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe

I enjoy these plain, but you can also dip them in chocolate. You can do swipes of white chocolate on top and sprinkle crushed candy cane or toffee chips or walnuts that have been toasted. So many delicious things you can do and, I swear this is like my go-to cookie recipe.

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