Delicious Garlic Mushroom Recipe In 20 Min

Garlic Mushroom I’m going to make them delicious. We sauteed mushrooms together. Today I’m going to break the rules. You know, onion is always number one. Unless this bacon. Unless this mushroom. What happens is if we put the onion out the mushrooms are going to require so much time to get some and get rid of the water that my onion cremated. So that’s the only one time. I’m using my roasted garlic olive oil. Use a good olive oil. Roasted garlic olive oil for this is perfect.

Now the mushroom. We’re going to use just a regular button mushroom because it’s delicious and you get them everywhere for sure. In every CD in the world, there is a plain button mushroom. Use whatever mushroom you want, remember, if you have some wild mushrooms you want to use, that’s perfectly fine too. It’s going to be a nice recipe. When they’re small like that, leave them alone. I’m checking the oil. I want the oil to be three sixty-five.

Before I put it in, I can smell it already as this oil gets hot. You can start to smell. So, it’s it’s about now, three-five. So, I’m going to wait for a second and then we’re going to put them in.  is my perfect temperature for the oil. Garlic Mushroom So, we’re going to put it in, and let me tell you a little bit about the mushrooms, So, when they’re small like this, you want to leave them whole. Leave them whole. It’s up to you how you want to cut them I think if they’re small they’re going to be perfectly fine

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So what we’re going to do here we’re going to salt them because that’s going to help us draw the water right so we put salt on it and the and the heat is high alright salt and we’re going to put some cracked black pepper. Garlic Mushroom I sauteed mushrooms some of them and also good. Some of them are delicious. We’re going to make a delicious one. So we’re going to put some going to take a long time. Then I have fresh herbs. Those are fresh thyme or rosemary.

Garlic Mushroom Recipe
Garlic Mushroom Recipe

Then we have garlic that we’re going to put in and then we’re going to bring up a little bit of acidity. It’s always good to put some lemon in there in anything. Nice to put it in a little bit of acid. Little vinegar, little lemon. It’s nice to balance always. Garlic Mushroom The olive oil and then we’re going to put a little bit of white wine. I have a Chardonnay. You could use a Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect for this. Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect. They’re soaking the olive oil.

Just a little bit of olive oil, wonderful and we’re going to continue sauteing them, and when they got a nice color, it’s going to take a little, it’s going to take a few minutes and I want to color everywhere and they have a beautiful color and it’s starting to release the water. We’re going to come back and we’re going to finish the recipe because the garlic, imagine, you see, now, now you’ll understand sometimes you put the onion and the garlic together at the same time then the onion it takes four,

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Five minutes to cook, depending on what kind of onion. If it’s a red onion, maybe two minutes, and the garlic takes only a few seconds and you’ll see them put in the garlic at the beginning. Don’t ever put the garlic at the beginning when unless you like burned garlic, I like it just slightly bruised so the fragrance of the garlic comes. Garlic Mushroom That’s why you put it at the end or you put it just before you put something wet. A little bit of white wine. And they’re reduced to nothing.

And they smell amazing., onion. And as I said, the onion is a red onion. They’re not like a white or Spanish onion and those are really gotta cook ’em, caramelize them. When you cook them, I’m not saying don’t cook them. Garlic Mushroom We cook them but they don’t require as much cooking and you can all imagine right now that if I would put in the onion at the beginning it’d be brown they’d they’d be gone right now because this took about I would say about minutes  

I don’t know I wasn’t looking was it six or seven what was it Jack what do you say you don’t know either see then anybody’s looking alright so look we got the onion right there we’re going to put the Fresh Diamond of Rosemary. If you don’t have fresh, use dry but be careful. The fried pan is empty. Alright, a little bit of lemon juice. Oh, let’s put the garlic first. Put the garlic. we don’t want to burn it. You know we could use it. Just a little more olive oil. Just a little bit.

Don’t don’t be crazy you know. Right? They are. It smells amazing. Amazing. A little bit of lemon juice. Just a little bit of lemon juice. You know I reduced the heat a little too much. A little bit of the chopped parsley. And a little bit. Very little French. Garlic Mushroom A little bit of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc was great because the lemon gives a nice freshness to it. Sauvignon blanc. Just a little bit. You’re going to say well you’re right. You put a little bit here.

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We’re going to let it evaporate. And now we’re going to add a little bit of lemon zest. Just a little bit of lemon zest. Now remember when you’re putting the lemon zest It’s very important when you use the microplane like this, You put the tool on top of the lemon. Not the lemon on top of the tea like the tip, the the tool. Like all the ding dong, they go like this. Please don’t do it that way because you don’t know where you’re going. Melt this up. Just a little bit.

We don’t need a lot. Just a little bit of olive oil. Very little. You notice that you put very little. And my those are sauteed mushrooms. So you know what I like to do? I serve a dinner. I just put them in a little dish like this and I put it in the middle of the table. This is like let me put it right here so Jack doesn’t have to be trying to follow me too much. Garlic Mushroom I settle. I don’t move. I don’t move the dish. Whenever I move the dish it’s gotta go around.

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So here we have it right there. Look at this. Smells amazing my. It does smell amazing. You go to a restaurant and they give you this side order. You’re going to go oh my lord. I love this place. We could sprinkle just a little bit more of the lemon zest. On it like this. You could put a little bit more of the parsley right there. Just a little bit. And then you know we like to remind people what it is.

And putting a little bit of thyme and some rosemary fresh on it like that. This is my sauteed mushroom. I’m going to test them to make sure they taste good. I don’t know. They smell amazing. Even if you don’t like mushroom flies, you gotta give it a try. Garlic Mushroom They’re amazing and the number one flavor that I just got is my lemon zest. I hope you make it. Don’t wait to have a steak. Make it right now for anything. Chicken, fish. They’ll be delicious.

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