Easy Chicken Alfredo Recipe In 30 Min

Chicken Alfredo Recipe. So let’s get started. First off, grab a big pot. We’re going to fill it with water, set it over medium-high heat, and don’t forget to salt it. Nobody wants bland, unflavored pasta so add in at least a couple teaspoons. I like to go heavy on mine. While that comes to a boil, we’re going to get our chicken started. This creamy indulgent recipe calls for three cloves of garlic but that is an absolute floor no less than three is how you should read it.

So, when I make this, I’m going to go with eight cloves. I feel like that’s a good amount as long as the cloves are big enough. If they’re small, I would add some more. Otherwise, this is going to be very flat. These are on the small so I’m not even counting. It’s just kind of like how it feels in my hand. That’s kind of what you should do. Alright, that’s all minced up. It doesn’t seem like that much. In my mind, it’s like a quarter of a cup of minced garlic.

Freshly minced garlic. No, no. We want a pound of chicken but like the garlic, you can double the chicken. It’s going to be super easy. There’s a lot of sauce and pasta to go around. So, if you want more, just add a couple more breasts and it’ll be fine. You’ll just cook it in batches. These are too thick. I’m going to slice them down the middle so they pan fry easily. This thickness has to be finished in the oven in my so you would get nice and golden pop it into the oven

Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Let it come to and then take it out but that’s a lot of work so let’s just slice it down the middle and we’ll have more flavor on the meat as well there we go nice to make sure your knife is nice and sharp wash your hands right now. Much better. Chicken Alfredo Now, we’re going to season this with some salt and pepper. Just, I say of a teaspoon but I do not expect you to have a little teaspoon like this. Same with the pepper. Our chicken’s prepped.

We’re going to add one tablespoon of butter because it’s delicious. And two tablespoons of olive oil. It is also delicious, with different burn rates. You’re not going to sing the butter. Warm your butter in oil over medium-high heat. Chicken Alfredo The butter should be melted. It’ll be sizzling away. I’m going to cook this in two batches. I don’t want to grab the chicken out. It should be nice and golden on either side and cooked all the way through. Okay, that looks good.

Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo

The butter is just taking on a little golden color. In you go two at a time. I am going to tell you the story of how it became popular while it cooks because it’s just too cute. It’s like keeps getting cuter. It was delicious. They gave him this gold-plated fork. Got picked up by the press and they became like world-famous noodles. Everyone wanted to have his Alfredo dish. Back in the States, we want to have it. We just don’t have the same ingredients that you have like fresh Italian

Chicken Alfredo Pasta/Add Spices

And butter and everything is a little bit different there. I want to believe this is all true. I think it is.. You’ll be cooking for around minutes, maybe a little bit less, maybe a little bit more, it depends. If it’s nice and golden, just flip it over and repeat. I grew up cooking on natural gas and it’s a more gentle heat than propane. Propane is so hot and crazy to me. Chicken Alfredo My chicken’s golden. Removing it as promised. I love all of these caramelized bits over here. Next, fillet. And repeat.

My chicken’s done. It smells amazing. It’s time to add one pound of fettuccine to my boiling water. Keep an eye on this just give your pasta a swirl so it doesn’t stick together and while your pasta’s cooking, we’re going to make this easy, creamy, delicious sauce. It’s an enjoyable weekend project and it’s going to be even more amazing because you made it. I want to keep some of the brown bits. That’s where the flavors at. If it got blackened, you can go ahead and wash it out.

That’s going to be bitter, not delicious. Into the pan, we want one half a cup of butter,  grams, two cups of heavy cream,  mils, all the cream, and of course, I’m going to add all that delicious garlic. There we go. That’s the magic of the recipe. In my humble opinion. Along with a good Parmesan cheese. This will cook over medium heat and I’ll be stirring fairly frequently. I don’t want anything to singer burn. Chicken Alfredo Just already, it smells amazing.

Homemade Chicken Alfredo

This with the pasta and that chicken is so simple. Almost no ingredients but it’s beyond delicious. The last bit of prep is to grate your Parmesan cheese. Get a nice Parmesan Grate on your own and if you can, a micro plan is going to be the best for this. It’s like an angel cloud of cheese. I’m using a scale because I want grams or one cup and I don’t want to mush all the cheese down to fit into a cup because I want to add as much as possible. Chicken Alfredo It’s snowing cheese but that’s kind of snow.

Alright, how much cheese do we have? Either weigh the cheese and use your heart as a measurement or use a scale because this is one cup and it’s only grams so I’m not even halfway there what I remember this last time I made this two weeks ago it was just like a mountain of cheese because this shredder creates so much fluff my butter is all melted I’m reducing this to a simmer very actually to like Chicken Alfredo.

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This stirring frequently for about five minutes or until it thickens up we’re just steaming off the useless water in this sauce I want all flavor I also want to make sure that the is. Okay, is this grams? No. I’ll just be here grating cheese all day long but I won’t complain because I’ll be snacking on cheese. Chicken Alfredo We did it. We’re going to season this with half a teaspoon of salt to start and half a teaspoon of cracked black pepper. Chicken Alfredo Stir that in. Keep an eye on that pasta too And one of the most important things of all is you need to reserve a cup of pasta water.

Garnish And Serve Chicken Alfredo

Cuz you know Alfredo. Oh my gosh. It’s silky and amazing. It’s like the most luscious thing ever right after you mix the pasta in and then the pasta sucks up what little water was left and it becomes like a block of deliciousness but it loses that silky texture. The pasta water is going to you. It’s done. It is firmly on the al dente side. How do I like it? It’s not going to fall apart. Mm. Set that aside. Now, we’re going to drain the pasta. Coincidentally, my sauce is reduced.

It’s time to add the Parmesan cheese. So, sort of gradually whisk it in over low heat so it becomes melty. Oh my gosh, the smell. Chicken soup. Gave me some Alfredo. There we go. Another reason you want to use a finely grated Parmesan is it melts immediately. If you have like a big chunk or a couple of big chunks hanging around and you’re heating the cream sauce, it could break. Chicken Alfredo That wouldn’t be nice. So, this allows you to use gentle heat and it saves you some time too.

Just like that, it’s all whisked in. I’m taking this off heat and we’re going to grab our pasta. Now, we’re adding our freshly cooked pasta right into the sauce. You can give it a toss to coat as you go. So, it’s going to be tonight’s dinner. Right now, this sauce looks amazing. It can help if you heat the pasta water and it will make everything silky and wake it right back up. Finish it off with a sprinkle of parsley and just like that, it’s ready to enjoy.

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