Who was Orhan Ghazi? Ottoman Empire

Who was Orhan Ghazi? Ottoman Empire. Orhan Ghazi, son of Osman Ghazi and the second Sultan of the Sultanate of Osmania. At the time of his death, Osman Ghazi had appointed Auran as his successor Orhan Ghazi was 42 years old at this time and he had achieved mastery and excellence in politics under the close supervision of Osman Ghazi.

Osman Ghazi’s younger son Alauddin spent his time After the death of Usman Ghazi, Orhan offered his brother Alauddin that let us divide this Sultanate created by Walid among ourselves and both of them would rule together. Alauddin rejected this offer and expressed his displeasure that his father’s kingdom should be divided and he happily handed over the responsibility of the entire sultanate to his brother and himself surrendered to this king.

Seeing this, Orhan Ghazi made Azam Alauddin his vizier and he used to give all the advice to his brother. Alauddin was the first Ottoman Turk who got the title of Pasha. After this, this title was given to Orhan’s elder son Suleman, initially Pasha. The title of ‘ Makh Sus’ was meant for the eldest son of the Ottoman Sultan, but the eldest son of Sultan Murad Awal had become a rebel and the rest of the sons were minors at this time, hence Sultan Murad gave this title to his Wazir Khalil, after which the Wali Ahad’s status was fulfilled.

History of Sultan Orhan Ghazi

Alauddin Pasha especially paid attention to three things – dress, coin, and army. There was no special difference and immediacy in the dress among the people of that time. By suggesting different types of dresses for different sections of the Raya, according to them, the dress of every section of urban and rural Muslim and non-Muslim was fixed separately, even though Sultan Alauddin Salaj had married Osman Ghazi in Khudbuda itself and his coin Was not issued and at the time of Orhan’s accession to the throne, only Sazo coins were minted in the entire Anatolia.

Now Alauddin Pasha also took over this history of the empire and issued coins in the name of Orhan throughout the Sultanate, but Alauddin Pasha’s coins were the most popular. The biggest feat is the military army which increased the power of the Sultanate of Osmania by 100 times and which remained the guarantee of its astonishment for 300 years. In the times of Arthur and Osman, there was no formal army but it was a custom that whenever a war was about to happen.

So, it would be announced in advance that the person who wanted to take part in the fight should be present at a particular place on a particular day, so these Razakars would gather at a fixed time and a fixed place and after the battle was over, they would go back and they would not be paid any salary. They did not get any money, but the money they got was the compensation for their service. They did not even have any fancy uniforms.

Orhan Ghazi’s Hardships

These soldiers were high-class riders and after firmly forming the line, they moved forward in the battlefield like a wall. The work continued in this manner till the time of Osman Ghazi, but after this, this system proved to be inadequate for the needs of the Sultanate, and the need for a regular and strong army was felt, hence Alauddin Pasha appointed paid soldiers. An army of Murat, whose name was Pyaade, was divided into squads of 101, 100, 100, and a thousand thousand.

It had not been long since its establishment that it developed a false sense of its own power and its stubbornness became the bias of Tasvi for Orhan Ghazi himself. Lagi Chunanche Orhan Ghazi consulted Alauddin and Khalil Pasha in this Amar. The proposal presented by Khalil Pasha not only made the people happy on behalf of love but also made the pace of Ottoman Fatuha like the power of a flood for the next three centuries.

The idea was that a number of 10-12-year-old poets and defeated boys from the Christian Asran war should be converted to Islam and then after going through proper military training, a strong army should be formed from them Orhan Ghazi liked this idea. Came and recruited 1000 Christian boys and started giving them military training and training. In the second year, 1000 more boys were recruited and this trend continued for 300 years. The Turkish name of this army is Chari. new army was the beginning of the Sultanate of Osmania.

Ottoman Empire

In the centuries that was the era of its rise and progress, that is, the power of Chari was at its peak and all the Fatuhas of the Sultanate were mostly the running pleas of this army, the boys who were married for this army, earlier they were kept in such an environment. It was said that after Bakhuda himself, he was given high-level training in every field under the special supervision of the Sultan. His military training kept increasing his power to a great extent, the result of which was that he could easily tolerate all kinds of complaints from his parents.

And after leaving the country, all their hopes were tied to the power of the Sultan and the service of Islam and this was the aim of their life. The Sultan had complete control over them and he always rewarded them. Akramul was conquered within a few months. Now there was only one big city left in the Asian territories of the Roman Empire, Nicaea, which was second only to Constantinople in terms of its prestige and importance, Orhan Ghazi started conquering it, and in 1330, he conquered it and included it in his Sultanate.

Lia and Orhan Ghazi had given permission to the people of Khia that if they wanted, they could move to some other city with all their property and belongings, and if they wanted, they could stay here, but like the people of Barsa, these people too and Orhan Ghazi’s exchange and Tired of justice, he immediately converted to Islam and remained resident in his own city. In 1333, the Emir of Karasi, an independent Turkic principality of Ana Tolia, died.

Struggles of Orhan Ghazi

His elder son captured the power by killing his younger brother Auran Ghazi. To avenge this bloodshed, Orhan Ghazi attacked Karasi and captured it. After this, Orhan Ghazi also included some other small Turkish principalities in the North Western areas of Anatolia in his territories. The population of Karasi and these other Ottoman principalities was mostly Muslims, but in the coastal areas, a large number were engaged in unanimity and the drafting and organization of military rules.

They established peace and tranquility in the entire country and built various magnificent buildings of mosques, madrassas, and hospitals. Built a very luxurious mosque and madrasa in Pursa laid the foundation of Ottoman architecture and invited great scholars the fame of the Bursa spread so much that Arabic and Persian students came from the old madrasas and started getting education there. See also Built a mosque and a madrasa, which was the first madrasa of the Sultanate of Osmania and became very famous.

In the same city, Orhan Ghazi also issued the first Langad Khana for the poor. One specialty of the early rulers of the Osmani dynasty was that whenever they visited a country, When they conquered, they did not destroy and destroy it like the Mongols, rather they got engrossed in its internal rhymes and customs. Their aim was not just to achieve Fatuha but they wanted to completely bring the conquered areas into the Sultanate by seeing them organized as per their rules and regulations.

The Battle of Khana

Fed up with the internal affairs of the Sultanate, Orhan Ghazi turned towards Europe and spent the last few years of his life in the Roman Empire’s attempts to establish a foothold in European areas. The Eastern Roman Empire was in the 14th century. Its territories, which for centuries extended to the Danube River in Europe and Anatolia in Asia, Palestine, and Egypt, were now limited to only a section of Thrace Macedonia, including Sela Nik, and a large part of Serbia in Greece.

Osmania had conquered almost all the Asian territories. Even in Europe, Serbia had become the leader. Stephen Dos had established his control over more than half of the Balkan areas and was preparing to capture Selak and then Constantinople. The Battle of Khana further weakened the Roman Empire. Upon the death of Emperor Andros Nicos in 1338, its grand chancellor, Kanto Gazan, appointed its minor son, John Palil, as its governor, and Malaca Anna, along with its general, Kanto Gazan, did not agree to this.

In 1343, Malka declared himself the emperor of Nicotik. This thing was very distasteful to Malaka and she protested against it. The result was that a fight broke out between the two and both of them requested help from Orhan Ghazi and Kanta Kujan. Asked for 6000 soldiers and in return offered his daughter Theodore to marry him Orhan Ghazi accepted this condition and in 1345 sent 6000 soldiers to Europe to help Kant Kojan. With the help of these soldiers, Kant Kojan captured Constantinople.


After one year, Kanta Gujan’s army entered Constantinople, and Malka was forced to agree to a peace agreement. In the agreement, it was agreed that Kanta Kujan and his wife Nez Malka Anna And Prince John Palil should be enthroned. You should understand this in the same way that Imran Khan Nawaz Sharif Sardari and Maulana Fazlur Rehman should be made Wazir Azam of Pakistan at the same time. What did you say, what did you say, break the skull, break the skull, you brother?

After this, the coronation ceremony of all four was performed, and to strengthen this alliance, Kant Kujan married his younger daughter to John Palil, and Orhan Ghazi was also married to Princess Theodore in 1348, King Stefan of Serbia. Dawson attacked Sila Nik and after conquering it, Kustu started moving towards Duniya. At this critical juncture, Kanta Kujan and John Pallas again requested Orhan for help and Orhan sent 20,000 soldiers with their help to Selani.

Stephen was defeated and the dream of conquering the world, which was born again and again in his heart, was now gone forever. At the end of the war, the Ottoman soldiers were called back, but after 4 years, Orhan had to send his army to the Maghreb of Phosphorus. An opportunity arose to send them back to Sahil, which proved to be the reason for the Maya’s foothold in Europe. Kanta Kujan could not accept the presence of John and Malka Aina in the Taj and the throne for a long and in 1350.

The Great Ottoman Army

She took all the powers of the government into her hands. John expressed strong opposition to this and the Khana war started again. As usual, Kanta Kojan once again asked for help from Orhan and in this compensation, he offered a fort on the European coast and Orhan Ghazi gave his eldest son. Suleiman Pasha sent 200 Hajj soldiers to Sarab. With their help, Kanta Kojan defeated Chaun and captured the power of Constantinople.

As per the plan, Suleiman Pasha captured the Sam Fort, hoisted the Ottoman flag in it, and defeated the Ottoman troops. A few days later, there was a flood in Thrace which destroyed the shelter of many cities, among them was Gali Poli, which was the most important fort on the Maghrib coast of Pass Daniyal and was situated a short distance from the Jam Fort. Suleiman Pasha considered it Tay Gabi.

And immediately captured Gali Poli. During this incident, Kanda Gujan had requested Suleiman Pasha to take possession of Sam’s fort in exchange for 10,000 coins and Suleiman Pasha had also accepted it, but he was not convinced by the logic of this matter. The incident of Gali Poli came to the fore, after which Suleiman Pasha also refused to return to the Jam fort after repairing the fort of Gali Poli which was affected by flood, he deployed a strong squad of the Ottoman army it after he attacked Thrace.

Death of Orhan Ghazi

They also conquered Chand and Makama and brought many Turks and Arabs and settled them in Maqbuja. With the victory of Gali Poli, a new era of Osmania started and they entered Europe for the first time as Fata and established a new rule in Christian Europe. Azim ul Shan laid the foundation of the Islamic state which spread from Galli Poli to the Austrian city of Vienna within two centuries. In 711, under the leadership of Ummi commander Tariq bin Ziyad, Muslims conquered Western Europe. Spain and Portugal, and introduced Islam.

He spread the message to Maghrib Europe and brought the light of his knowledge to their oppressed people and 600 years later, the Arab Mujahid, who had the destiny of spreading Deen Haq in Eastern Europe, performed the duty of the same in the Western part of Europe. The Turkish Mujahid completed it in the East. Now with the victory of Gali Poli, severe cruelty against Kanta Kujan spread in Constantinople, which took the shape of rebellion and revolution. Everyone used to accuse Kanta Kujan of treason and this was blamed on the Muslims.

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He was held responsible for bringing it to Europe. After all, seeing the anger of the people, he had to step down from the throne. Canda Cujan spent the rest of his life in a church and his wife became a nun. The people of Constantinople put John Palaiotus back on the throne. He installed him and ruled for 50 years, but during this short period, the condition of the Roman umpire kept worsening day by day and the power of Osmania kept increasing.

Sultan Murad Awal

In the year 1358, Orhan Ghazi’s elder son Suleiman Pasha fell from his horse while hunting, and due to the shock This prince, Fane Sipa Giri and Sipa Salari, Mumtaz and all the top Ausafs of the Osmani family, Hamid Ghazi was deeply shocked by his death and in the very next year, Orhan Ghazi also died and Orhan Ghazi, at the age of 38, During the Turkish rule, he greatly expanded the Ottoman territories.

He not only conquered the remaining Roman areas of Anatolia and incorporated the independent Turkish principalities into his empire, but also entered Europe and conquered a large part of the region, which is in this area. This was a great case of Osmani Fatuha. The map you are seeing has red-colored areas that were ruled by Osman Ghazi and pink-colored areas that Orhan Ghazi conquered. the kingdom created by Osman. Had increased it three times and after the death of Orhan Ghazi, his younger son Murad also came to power.

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