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How to apply for Wapda Jobs In the first jobs you will get Lineman, Electrician, Telephone Operator, Naib Kasid, and Driver along with others. There were Wapda Jobs but this is for 2024. Apart from this, you will be able to know the details of applying for them by opening the website. where you will get daily details of Wapda Jobs in any department of the government.

On the next page, you can first know the details in the description of this post. By opening the WADA link, you will come to this page and if you want to apply full-time permanently for new Wapda Jobs, then those with a bachelor’s education will be able to apply online till 25th December 2023 but before that, you should read out the advertisement.

Online Jobs In Pakistan Qualification

This new Wapda Jobs has come for you, here you have the vacancies of Assistant Forman Electrical Mechanical, here you the vacancies of the welder, and also the vacancies of Computer Clerk, Khatib, Painter, Carpenter, along painter, you have the jobs of Carpenter, Assistant Station Attendant, and Driver. To apply for these Wapda Jobs, your age should be between 18 years to 35 years, and for which post you have to apply, along with your educational qualification, your quota should be in which city.

How much has been kept in it, its details will be found written here, before applying, you should see the instructions on its advertisement and then you will be told the method of applying online through their official website, you will find the details written in the post you can also get the details by calling the helpline number for further information on the description page.

Government Jobs in Pakistan Today

To apply for this post, you will submit the challan of Bank Alfalah HBL Allard Bank. Here is the method of applying and the fee deposit. If you want to know the complete details of getting it done, you must have a valid ID card, a result card and you must have domicile. To apply at any time, on the visit button, You will come to the website of OTS where you have been told that the last date is 26 December 2023 to apply for these Wapda Jobs, you can click on the view button and any post you want to apply for, you have to click on the registration form.

This form will open to you like this. Remember, each post for which you are applying has a separate form. PDF form is available here. If you want to deposit in, HBL or Habib Metro, then you will put your current photograph on the ports on which I will tell you again that for which post you want to apply, you will click on the visit here button and click on the button of each one.

Government Jobs

You will get the separate form on View. When you open this form, choose the test center as per your choice I am from Gujranwala, which state is my domicile from, and it is from Punjab, putting your current photograph here. But I have to write my full name which is written on my ID card, my father’s name, and ID card number 3 4101, and type whatever number is next, Nakhas, if you are disabled then yes, no, you are male, or female.

Those who are applying, if you are in the Army Force or if you are a government servant or are doing any government jobs then you have to give their details here otherwise ignore it. What is your age, date of birth, and what is written on your ID card? You have to write whether you are married or single and the dress code which is current at this time. this you have to write your phone number.

Wapda Jobs Information

Matriculation, FA, BA, which is your education, which degree, which major subject, your passing year, which date, month, year, did you complete the result and how many were your total marks, how many marks were obtained, and how many total marks and the institute from where you did matriculation. F.A.B.A, whatever degree you have acquired, you will give the details, employment information, organization name, and designation, starting date, and ending day.

Wapda Jobs
Wapda Jobs

If you have any government jobs or private jobs experience, from which date month year you started, till which date month, how much you have worked. Do the job for the duration, in which designation or in which company to the undertaking, you will write your name, you will write your father’s name you will put your thumb printof your left hand putting the right hand of women, you will have to follow these instructions and your attested photographs.

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You have to attach the original bank drops which are slips and you have to attach the ID card along with the application form, you have to get the test done and attach it with the form. knowing its terms and conditions, you have to send your documents to the given address. You will also get the challan form. You will get the third page which is that you will be able to deposit the fee in any branch of HBL Bank, Alfalah Allied Ban,k, or Habib Metro Bank. It will cost only 2000000.

You can deposit the fee in the nearest bank of your choice. One slip is yours which the bank will keep and the other one. You have to get TCS done, get its photocopy done, and keep it. Only by getting your signature and cashier’s signature, do you have to send your documents to the given address. The method of applying for any post has been told to you from the description of this post on the Job City website.

Apart from the information about any government jobs, you also get the details of jobs and positions at international levels daily, so save this website on your computer screen and mobile screen if you are visiting our website for the first time. Jobs Government Scheme at International Levels and Jobs at International Levels along with updated details of Education Also get the updated details along with the method of applying first and watch the Wapda Jobs post.

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