Try Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe in 2024

Try the Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe. We’re gonna go ahead and make some strawberry ice cream from scratch. I have 12 ounces of strawberries and once the tops have been removed, these get cut up into little chunks and combined with about three ounces of granulated sugar. These are allowed to sit and macerate for one hour at room temperature just so that the juices can come out.

Once everything’s looking nice and juicy, we’re gonna remove those macerated strawberries and immersion blend them until they become puree. But don’t worry, all that juicy delicious strawberry sugar liquid is going to be used later. The strawberry puree gets combined with two and a half cups of heavy cream, one and a half cups of whole milk, six ounces of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and half a teaspoon of kosher salt.

Ice Cream Magic

And as per Andrew’s suggestion, a tablespoon of vodka just to make sure that the ice crystals don’t end up forming too strong. Thanks, dude. This gets blended, mixed until smooth, and set in the fridge to cool. While that chills in the fridge, we’re gonna go ahead and get started on the strawberry pie filling. The ice cream batch had around 30 strawberries in it, so this batch will have 120.

These also get their tops removed and chopped into the same rough chunks. I’m not sure if somebody has invented the most efficient way to cut and chop strawberries like other vegetables, but I have found the best way for me is to just go at it with a knife and pray for the best. Once these are separated, I’m reserving one-third of these for later.

Making the Strawberry Pie Filling Recipe

In a small bowl, I combine 25 grams of sugar and one-third of corn starch. In goes a half cup of water and whisk until slurry-ish. Onto the stove. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, we’re gonna cook two-thirds of those strawberries we cut up earlier. In goes 150 grams of sugar, half a teaspoon of kosher salt, and the juice of half of a lemon, and proceed to mash and cook this until it starts to bubble.

Once it’s simmering go the cornstarch slurry and this mixture will get cooked for another two to three minutes until thickened. In the final minute of cooking, throw in those one-third reserved strawberries from earlier just to add some texture to the pie filling. This gets transferred into a metal bowl for quicker cooling and sent to the fridge to keep our ice cream mixture company.

Creating Strawberry Pie Dough Masterpiece

While those will inevitably take a long time to chill, we’re gonna get started on our strawberry pie dough. I’m starting by cutting up four sticks of cold butter into thin little slices. Super satisfying. Now into the stand mixer goes 600 grams of all-purpose flour, a tablespoon of kosher salt, and all of this wonderful butter mixed until the butter chunks are no larger than the size of a blueberry.

With the mixer running on low, slowly add around 175 to 225 grams of ice-cold water. I added a little bit too much water this time, but no worries. I’m gonna stick this on the board and add a little bit of extra flour as I’m kneading and pressing it just to help it absorb a bit. The dough gets divided into two portions, one that is 50% larger than the other, shaped into disks wrapped with plastic wrap, and sent again to chill in the fridge. The fridge is putting its work in today.

Chilling with Video Games and Ice Cream Delight

What I like about stuff that involves a lot of time in the fridge is that it leaves more time for video games. Shout out to science. This beautiful silky ice cream mixture that has now gotten a little bit thicker and smoother goes into a nice ice cream machine and runs for about 45 minutes just until it looks like a soft serve. Nice. After the dough has chilled for at least one hour, this gets removed from the fridge and flattened out to be ready to roll.

Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe
Easy Strawberry Pie Recipe

But first, we must address the issue of the wings found in this strawberry pie. White chocolate would’ve been an obvious choice, but white candy melts do have that more cartoon-like white color that we were looking for. These are just some nice silicone molds we got from Amazon, so we melt these in the microwave according to package instructions and this again goes into the fridge. Shout out the fridge.

Using the Dough Scraps to Decorate the Strawberry Pie

Back to the dough. Each disc gets rolled out to roughly a quarter to one-sixth of an inch in thickness. I can’t tell so it’s gonna have to be a quarter I’m guessing. but the larger one will serve as the base of the pie. We’re gonna roll the south end, patch any scraps, re-roll it, and we’re gonna like this in a ten-inch spring form pan.

Once the dough has been lined and evenly pressed I like to use a little mug with straight edges to get that smooth look. A fun way to get rid of those dough scraps is to just simply use a rolling pin along the top of it. That’ll neatly just press off any of that excess dough, but save those scraps. Don’t throw them away. We’re gonna use those later.

Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Now that our strawberry filling has cooled and set thickly, this gets satisfyingly set and spread inside the bottom of this pie pan. Now we move on to the lattice. Overlapping one way, then doing the other. Then kind of lifting and folding over under, After crimping the lattice edges to the sides of the pie, this gets a quick egg wash on top to help with browning and goes into a 425-degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once it starts to turn golden, the oven temperature reduces to about 350 degrees, and cooks for roughly an hour. This one baked for about an hour and a half. Once that cools a little bit at room temperature, we’re gonna set that back in the fridge so that it can chill and let the filling set so we get nice slices. Thank you fridge.

Making Use of Pie Scraps

This is what I like to do with any leftover pie scraps after making pie. Take all of them, no matter if they’re warm, soft, or cold, and mush them together into a giant ball. And once it’s smooth, roll it out with a little bit of extra flour because chances are a little bit of the butter has leaked out. Once it’s into a nice round shape, could be square could be rectangular, try to get it even.

I like to brush it with the remainder of the egg wash, used for probably the thing that you used on the strawberry pie. So this just goes on. Make a little cinnamon sugar mixture, one part cinnamon to four parts sugar, and sprinkle this evenly over the top. Be generous because this is going to be delicious. Don’t forget a little bit of salt at the end because all sweet things benefit from a little bit of salt.

Making Cinnamon Roll Cookies from Scraps

Now, from one end to the other, slightly roll the pastry until you get essentially a pie dough log. I like to take this a step further, wrap it in saran wrap, and again throw it into the fridge. We’re not gonna talk about this. Once the tube has firmed up, we’re gonna take this out and trim the edges. I’m gonna slice roughly half-inch thick cookies. These are going to be dipped in the remainder of the cinnamon sugar on each side.

Spread onto a baking tray and bake for about 15 minutes until they have puffed. Essentially making mini cinnamon roll cookies. Just to add a little bit of visual flair. We’re gonna combine probably three tablespoons of powdered sugar to a teaspoon of water, or just until thickened. Drizzled on top, and there you have it, little cinnamon roll cookies made from the scraps of your strawberry pie which you can feed to a lot of people if you have around, or yourself, I won’t judge.

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We’re in the home stretch, so we’re gonna make the garnishes now. One and a half cups of heavy cream, whipped or immersion blender until soft peaks with a tablespoon of powdered sugar. This gets transferred into a pastry bag using the mug technique and again set in the fridge. For the strawberry garnishes on top, I decided to give them a little shiny jacket through the means of brushing a little bit of simple syrup, Justin till glossy.

Finishing Touches and Serving Strawberry Pie

We begin piping a reverse shell-like pattern with the whipped cream all along the edge of the pie. I usually like having cake stands for this that can rotate because that makes the job so much easier when you don’t have to walk around the entire table four times. We’re gonna take our ice cream that has been frozen overnight and scoop some nice scoops onto the middle of our strawberry pie. This gets adorned with those glossy shiny strawberries in a loose pattern.

And for the final touch, our wings have now set so they’re now ready to be released and fly right onto the middle of our strawberry pie. And there you have it. Our take on the strawberry pie with 150 strawberries collected by the epilogue. Does it taste as amazing as it looks? Or maybe even better? after taking a nice slice or so before the ice cream melts completely, we dig in and I am both surprised and also not surprised that this tastes pretty darn amazing.

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