Try Easy Spinach Lasagna Recipe In 2024

Today’s Spinach Lasagna Recipe is something super delicious. it’s a green lasagna with spinach and zucchini. Has a couple of steps but trust me it’s worth it. The first thing that you want to do is get your spinach ready so I’m going to saute this spinach. It’s two pounds of spinach with one small onion finely chopped now.

My onion was kind of medium so I’m probably only going to use half of it because a small onion would yield just about a cup and I don’t want it to be overwhelmingly oniony. Saute that in a tablespoon of olive oil. I have a large pot and you’ll see why in a few minutes because to saute all that spinach you need something kind of deep.

Sautéing Spinach and Onion

Add your onion half a teaspoon of salt and just some pepper. two pounds of spinach and you want to cook it with the onions. you may need to add the spinach a few handfuls at a time and cook it stirring until it wilt down. This is baby spinach. You can use any spinach that you want the big flat-leaf spinach, the pearly-leaf spinach, you’re just going to need a total of about 3 cups of cooked and squeezed-out spinach. So this looks good turn off your stove. Use a strainer set into a bowl.

The next step I’m going to do is I’m going to make a creamy special sauce. So the bechamel, it’s a creamy sauce made with milk and it gets thickened with a roux. So I have four tablespoons of butter here in my pan, so you want to melt your butter and add four tablespoons of flour. you want to probably whisk it and cook it until it no longer has a raw flour smell, which usually takes between 30 seconds in a minute.

Preparing the Creamy Bechamel Sauce

Whisk in four cups of milk start a little bit at a time so that you can make sure it stays smooth. once you’ve added a good amount of the milk and it’s smoothed out, then you can add it more quickly. But in the very beginning, I like to add just a couple of splashes at a time whisk until it’s smooth, and then add some more. It clumps up a little bit and if you add all of your milk too quickly then those clumps will just stay in your sauce and you want a nice smooth sauce.

It’s already starting to smooth out just a little bit. So now I feel more confident to add the rest of my milk, I’ll just whisk that in, and then for the flour to activate and thicken the milk you need to bring this to a boil. It also gets seasoned with some nutmeg, I’m just gonna just grate that right in, salt and pepper about a teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of pepper.

Monitoring the Bechamel Sauce

So you’ll want to make sure that you’re continually whisking this as it’s coming to a boil because there’s flour in here it may tend to stick on the bottom of the pot. This has come to a boil which means the flour will have activated also I’m a little worried it’s going to boil over my pot just the right size. Be careful because milk can boil over and it’s very sticky on your stove.

Just let it boil or simmer at least for like a minute just to make sure all the starch is activated because that’s the thickener for your sauce. Then you’re going to stir in a cup of grated parmesan cheese. I’m just going to let this cool down for a minute or two before I do that this is a relatively thin bechamel and I made it that way because I’m using no cooked pasta noodles and you need a little bit of extra moisture in there to sort of hydrate them as they cook.

Preparing the Zucchini

So this sauce is a little thinner than you might expect a normal bechamel to be. I just added one cup of grated parmesan cheese and then you just need to cool this down before you use it. the last thing you need to do before, you’re ready to assemble your lasagna is cook some zucchini. if you have leftover cooked zucchini or really any kind of vegetable that you like broccoli would work here or any kind of roasted vegetable.

Heat some oil in a skillet and you’re going to saute the zucchini and cook them until they’re tender and a little golden brown on each side for a couple of minutes per side. These are turning golden they don’t need to be too brown and you don’t want them to get too mushy because remember they’re going to cook more once they’re in the lasagna.

Draining Zucchini

As they cook and get tender you can transfer them to a paper towel-lined baking sheet just to drain. you don’t want there to be too much additional liquid in your Spinach Lasagna and you can use a total of about three tablespoons of olive oil for the batches. All of this stuff by the way can be done ahead of time. so if you want to say prep to make your Spinach Lasagna one day and then assemble it the next day you totally can do that.

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To assemble your Spinach Lasagna, take your cooled bechamel to a cup in the bottom of a 9×13 pan. I’m using eight ounces of boiled lasagna to lay those on top of your sauce. you may need to break them to have full coverage of the pan. Then another cup of the bechamel on top of that so the bechamel is the liquid that’s going to cook your noodles.

Layering the Lasagna

Also, the liquid from the spinach and the zucchini though most of that liquid got squeezed out about half of the spinach goes on top. Another layer of noodles so I’m just going to overlap straight down the center they do expand a little bit so you don’t need to worry about full coverage here. Final noodles it’s another five the remainder of the bechamel spread out and then that zucchini that goes on now cover the top of your lasagna with your zucchini.

I have six ounces of mozzarella cheese, not the fresh regular i guess they call it low-moisture mozzarella cheese. A third of a cup of grated pecorino romano you could also do another third of a cup of parm because that’s what we used earlier so if you don’t want to get two cheeses you can do that. but this is three cheeses all together which is kind of nice to cover it up with foil.

Best Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Have your oven at 375 degrees this needs to bake for 45 minutes covered and then another 15 minutes uncovered until it’s golden brown and bubbly. when your Spinach Lasagna comes out of the oven, make sure to let it cool a bit before you cut into it because you want to give it a little bit of time to set you don’t want to burn yourself. Golden brown bubbly and delicious it’s creamy and full of vegetables so I think you guys are going to love this one enjoy it if you like Spinach Lasagna Recipe.

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