PPSC Jobs Apply Now 2024

How to apply for PPSC Jobs Today we will talk about the seeds that have come through PPSC, which seats are available in which department and what is the method of applying for them. And what are the criteria of the post, what is the age requirement and where will the posting be done, we will share with you the details related to it. Before that, you must press the bell icon so that you can easily get all kinds of updates. The updates daily of all the government and private jobs can be watched from here, today we will talk about all the seeds that have come through.

Punjab Public Service Commission, you can apply from all over Punjab, you can come from anywhere in Punjab. So if you are ready to apply for this, then let us search here, PPSC jobs, go to their official website, and there I will show you their advertisement, which advertisement has been uploaded now, and which seat is there. Now all the PPSC Jobs details about them have come and let’s see here the website of PPSC Jobs is open in front of us, their official website is open in front of us, so see here at the top, below the home.

PPSC Jobs Apply Now 2024

There PPSC Jobs is an option of Jobs here, below the option of Jobs, Advertisement number one is the advertisement that has come in 2024. It is new, of course, we will open it. Their advertisement will be open in front of us, so their advertisement, whatever is there, should be open in front of us. You have seen here that this has been published on 11224. Many departments have different seeds that come through their PPSC. So, it is from different departments and not from one department.

The PPSC Jobs which is at the top here is the Education Department. This is a teacher’s here, this is a secondary school teacher’s, this is Urdu’s scale and if you look here, it is Salwa scale, this is on a contract basis for 5 years, it is on contract basis of Punjab Workers Welfare Fund, Labor and Human Resource Department. There are seats, let’s see which seats are there, here SST Urdu scale is 1.25 and here the case number has been told separately and here the district has been told in which district the seats are, Nankana Saheb is the first one in front.

PPSC Jobs Age Limit

The number of posts is mentioned that there are six seats, two on open merit and one for a special person and here there is no seat for the minority quota, there are three seats for the Vaman quota, similarly, Gujarat has two seats and theirs is also ahead. The PPSC Jobs criteria are given for how many seats there are in which quota, one is from Wazirabad, one is from Multan, four are from Multan, is one for a special person and three are for females, so below this.

Here they have mentioned what qualification is required for this, all the district’s seeds, SST Urdu, the qualification for this is MA MSC Urdu with B.Ed and BS B.Ed, and here whatever criteria they have, second vision. Along with this, whatever criteria they have written about the qualification, you can see it from here and if you look further then here the age limit is mentioned, how much age is required for males and how much age is required for females. It is required, that too, he said.

Government Jobs Qualification

The PPSC Jobs’s next one is English, SST, he is also a school teacher of English and also district wise, he told me how many seats are there in the district, first of all, Lahore is on the top, Lahore has four seats. Sheikhupur has two seats, Nankana Saheb has six seats, Gujranwala has one, Sialkot has three, Gujarat has two, Wazirabad also has two, Jalam has one and Multan has six seats, here three are on open merit and There are three and it is of Vaman quota, the next one is Sahiwal, it has one seat and it is for female and the next one is the qualification, they told what should be.

The qualification and the requirements of the next age, they told how much for males and how much for females. Further, it mentions the domicile in which district your domicile will be, so to apply, whichever set is the post of the district, only those who are domicile in the PPSC Jobs same district can apply. Otherwise, you can apply from another district. Cannot apply and the place of posting is whatever and will be in the same district in which the seats are Next, they have told the syllabus of the test, which you can see here Next is Punjab MPLA Social Security Inn, there are some seats here.

PPSC Jobs 2023

There is one seat for Dental, 191 seats for Medical Officers, here 191 seats for Medical Officers, on open merit, here below they told the criteria that there are 165 seats on open merit, there are 16 seats for special persons, and 16 seats for minority quota. 10 seats are female and cannot apply for PPSC Jobs, this is just for males, the medical officer seat which is for females is given separately and I will tell you in the next section, that what is required for males is also given here.

It is said that the age is from 2 to 50 years, but you can apply from all of Punjab the next syllabus is told, you can see it here and the next is 125 seats, female medical officers can apply here by mail in Cannot apply, the age requirement for male is that of Medical Officer and for female, age is required and is between 2 to 53 years, beyond that, Office of the Deputy Commissioner, District Collector, Hafizabad.

Pakistan Jobs

Here there are four seats for Assistants, three are on open merit and one seat is on female quota, but it is regularly, not on a contract basis, the training that is required is male and female with the second region. The requirement of the judge is for 18 to 30 years for males and 18 to 33 years for females and those who can apply here are only those from Hafizabad, if the domicile is from there then they can apply. You can do it and the hosting place will also be yours later. They have told me the syllabus of the test which is next. You can see it from here.

PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page
PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page

The next post of Stenographer is also in this department and it has 16 seats. Open merit. But there are three seats, one seat of minority quota and two seats of female quota, one for stenographer and one for regular and they have asked for intermediate with second vision and here they have also asked for typing speed and computer. There is also literature, you should also know computer and male and female both can apply in this also and the requirement for male has also been told and the requirement for female has also been told and here the domicile.

Online Jobs In Pakistan

Whatever is there, only people from Hafizabad can apply. Whatever else is there, they cannot apply and the place of posting is also in Habad, so the test that will be done here is a typing test and whatever other test will be there, there is all the information about it. They said that, you can see from here, let’s go to the next page, here is the Local Government Community Development Department, there is a seat for Assistant Director and there are 27 seats here, there are 24 seats on open merit, there is one seat of minority quota and.

There are two seats in the female quota and it is on a contract basis, it is on a contract basis of five years and here the qualification they asked for is a master’s degree with a second vision and here the subject also they told that in the subject Here the age requirement for male is 21 to 33 years and for female it is 21 to 36 years. Here you can apply from all Punjab and you can be posted anywhere in Punjab. They have not told me the test syllabus for this and will tell you later that it is on the website, it will be uploaded. Next is the Nam Department,

PPSC Jobs Requirement

This is also Deputy Commissioner, this is from Jalam, here there are 12 seats for Stenographer and this is also the qualification. Which is intermediate in this also and typing speed is also required here the age required for males is 18 to 30 years and for females is 18 to 33 years, here only people from Jellam can apply and people from the district can apply. What is and what is of the Punjab Special Education Department, the seeds of many subjects are available in various subjects, so you can see them here.

First of all, the Head Master’s is here. There are four seats here, they also told us the qualifications, what should be qualifications, and what their requirement, you can see it here, Fill in Special Education Master Degree and BS or you can read all the details here, the requirements of next age. Also, I was told how many judges there should be and who can apply here.

You can apply from Punjab. If you are from any district of Punjab then you are eligible to apply for it and your posting can be done anywhere in Punjab. It is possible and here is the syllabus of the test, they have told me that it is from this syllabus that the test is taken, so you read it thoroughly, there is a seat for the next officer, The qualification is told here. LB with two years of post-qualification experience should have

Government Jobs Last Date

The age requirement here is 18 21 to 33 years and for females, it is 2 to 36 years also you can apply from Punjab for posting anywhere in Punjab. Sorry, I said it wrong, here is the posting which is available and will be posted in Lahore, you can see further, the syllabus is written, next is the lecturer’s six seats, master’s degree in Islamiat, this is also the mail asked here and Both females can apply and you can apply from Punjab and you can be posted anywhere in Punjab,

You can see here that there are many seats, if you open their r advertisement then you online you can check it by scrolling down and their last date is 26th January, you can apply till 26 you will apply online only. It is not applicable offline because it is written above the link. It will happen that apply online applications other than online will not be accepted. You have to take the online application, only the online one will be acceptable, then here you will come to the website and the website, and there is a button to Apply for Online PPSC Jobs,

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