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How to apply PPSC Jobs announced its advertisement number 29 on February 11, 2024. Under this, the Department of Human Resource and Labor Welfare has announced seats for all these subjects – Math, Chemistry, Bio-Computer Science, and Physics. what is the requirement to apply for 22 seats of 16 scale of SST IT Computer Science, so in this post, seats are announced for 131 posts.

SST Bio is SST Biology and the grade is 16, the contract is for 5 years but as soon as you complete 3 years of service, for these seat jobs so department I will share with you the department is Punjab Worker Welfare Fund or Labor and Human Resource Department in both these departments.

PPSC Jobs 2024

It depends on the PPSC Jobs availability the seats and whether there is a seat in your district. So let’s get started. First, all we see is that the five Lahore seats have been announced. There are five seats of Lahore district in which there are open seats. There are two seats on merit and three seats on Viman Khot. if you belong to Sheikhupura, in this way, three computer seats have been announced in Sheikhupura.

Similarly, there is one seat of bio subject here and that is on open merit, in this there is a female quarter. There is no seat, Sakhar has four seats, Nankana Saheb has four, Gujranwala has two seats, Sialkot has three seats, Gujarat has two, Wazirabad has two seats, Jehlum has two seats, Multan has the maximum seven seats which have been announced.

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SST Biology has a seat in Multan, one seat in Sahiwal, one seat in Bahawalpur, and Rahim Khan also has one seat, so the total number of seats becomes 37, 16 will come on open merit, special person zone if you apply on disability basis. So there is one seat out of it and two seats have been given to the minority and 18 seats have been announced on women’s quota, then hopefully you must have fully understood. Naturally,

If you have done an M.Sc. or M.A., it is mentioned in the bio that you have done a Master’s. If you have a degree then you must apply are very good seats for teaching and they are worthy of respect. It means that if you can do school teaching for females while remaining behind the scenes, then one of the very best. Seats, which you require, what is the qualification in it, it should be MA MSc with B.Ed and jobs advertisement

PPSC Jobs Advertisement

Either you have done a B.Ed with an MA with MSc or you have done a BS education in addition to an MA MSc, then you can apply. For SST Biology, it is necessary to have an MSc in tan the relevant subject. Two points he mentioned further, I zoom out a bit so that what is there in front of you can be presented in a better way. only two degrees are recognized.

ppsc jobs advertisement
ppsc jobs advertisement
PPSC Jobs 2024 Apply Online
PPSC Jobs 2024 Apply Online

If HC is acceptable then your degree should be recognized by HC and if you have second division in your degrees then you can apply. No issue. The age limit for men is 21 to 35 years plus 5 years and there is an age relaxation of 21 to 35 years for females and 8 years age relaxation for transgenders. Again, their details will be checked as per the content of their CIC. Your domicile should be in your relevant district. It is okay if you are from the Muthe Ltan district.

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If you have a missile then you can apply. Similarly, your place of posting will also be in your relevant district. Now let’s talk about what will be the syllabus of the written test. If you know that if you apply then I would recommend that it is for like one month. Now this is the PPSC Jobs’ last date 29, December so one month after the last date, there is hope that PPSC will conduct its test.

This is the previous practice that if PPSC conducts its test within one to one and a half months, then it means that That is, after applying from today itself, you should start preparing immediately, do not think that when the message of written test of PPS comes, then we will prepare for written test, then all the people who apply will have written test, you will have to prepare for MNS.

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If you ever want to do it then you have to prepare the questions related to qualification for its preparation, out of which your options will be 80 marks and 20 marks will be for your general knowledge, in which general knowledge will be asked, questions will be asked from Pakistan studies and current affairs. There will be questions from Geography, Basic Math, English, Urdu, Everyday Science, and Basic Computer. I will share the links to the PPSC Jobs post with you.

I will also attach the description of the post from where you can prepare these qualification-related MCQs along with this -With the preparation of General Knowledge, which is the best website? Repeatedly PPSC is preparing its question bank from those websites. PPSC Jobs’s last day to apply is February 23, 2024, so hope, that these posts PPSC Jobs will be helpful for you when you apply.

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