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How to apply for PPSC Jobs There is a G department from the Punjab Public Service Commission. Commerce stream in the Punjab Higher Education Department and, you can see 17 scale and 18 scale jobs have come and these are the jobs of lecturer and professor. These jobs have been announced regularly, and people who have completed PhD, MPhil, and Master’s can apply the age criteria of the judge is 25 to 35 years for 18 scale and 5 years for A. There will be relaxation.

Apart from this, let me tell you that the paper will be on these subjects, which are English, Islamiat, Amras, Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics, out of which your paper will be 80 marks and 20 marks will be on your General Knowledge, so further, there are j in 17 scales. And the same criteria is last, its date is 25th January, it 5th January is the last date and our main job on which we are going to focus is English Short Hand, It has been created and according to this, it is a tremendous job.

PPSC Jobs Age Limit

G post in English shorthand, there are a lot of posts in it. You can see in it, that it is a 17-scale job and it is regular. It is being called a lecturer or instructor, so see what you can get in it. It is a minority quota, it is a special person and these posts PPSC Jobs are around 550 in total, transgenders will apply, males will apply, and females cannot apply in this. One thing and the second thing is that the age limit in this too is 21. Age relaxation is 28 years and you will get age relaxation for 5 years.

So yes, with shorthand reference, I wanted to request that what kind of skill shorthand, now jobs as lecturers have also coming in it. We will talk about training in it. So PPSC for lecturers and this department which I have mentioned above, in this PPSC Jobs department they have said that we need a master person and he should have the skill of shorthand and he should also have done MA in any subject and he can apply for it.

PPSC Jobs 2023

If a person can do it, then let me see how many of these can be completed in shorthand in just three months and if it is practiced for three months, then in six months if the person works hard he can easily become completely ready on it. What a big achievement it is that now almost every university seems to me to start teaching this subject. Now this department has recruited lecturers who are doing short English shorthand and the jobs have come to you.

PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page
PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page

The PPSC Jobs skill is so tremendous that you can apply this skill step by step from Intermediate to Master Ph.D. M.Phil. I say if a person starts he can easily get 15 scales 14 scale job, then it is natural that people should start doing 15-scale Foc14-scale one thing and I would request all the students to learn short and simple and there is competition in this, those who have good speed will be recruited only on a competitive basis, this means guess what, now these lecturers will also be recruited as stenographers.

PPSC Jobs Apply

Lecturer, in this, I will make you do online courses in the PPSC Jobs context of short and typing, you can take the lecture sitting at home and it is reasonable in fee, the number is there in the fee description, click on it and you can take this lecture sitting at home. You attend and whatever your wish is, if any student wants to visit our academy, he can also do so and the address will be given to him and everything will be explained to him, so please keep this topic a little more in the future.

I would like to brief you that the jobs in this PPSC Jobs are for Majeed ji Junior Clerk and the speed required is 25. So in shorthand and typing, you can guess how many jobs come daily. If you visit the newspaper daily, if you visit the website for PPSC Jobs then you will get countless. Jobs will be visible: Stenographer, Steno Typist, and Senior Skill Stenographer, these jobs keep coming every department, in every department in Pakistan, Junior Clerk, Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Junior Executive, so there are a lot of jobs related to typing shorthand, you have this government job.

Online Jobs In Pakistan Last Date

This is the best opportunity to achieve this, you should focus on shorthand and Majeed, I want to talk in this context that the PPSC Jobs’ last date of application is 5th January and you have to apply on the website of force and those who have this skill are eligible. Apply, in this, on 80 marks they have written that there will be a subject related paper, so how will there be a subject related paper on 80 marks, let me tell you that if they take.

The short end paper then they will check your speed in this and will give you dictation in English. I will give you dictation in 100 100 minutes according to the word, you have written on a page in shorthand and then you have to convert the same dictation you have received into English and you have to give it to them. Accordingly, they will see how many mistakes you have made and how many correct words

You have written and they will see your accuracy, then your merit made and you will get this amazing app, please avail it without fail and I request you to sit at home if it is so good. You are getting the facility that you can do this course sitting at home, so do it, please see, you will get these jobs in every department and if there is any gap in it and you want to get information.

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