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How to apply for PPSC Jobs Today’s topic is to discuss the teacher jobs in PPSC jobs, the number of seats in PPSC, and the way to apply for the teacher jobs based on their education. We will give you complete guidelines regarding their salary package and what will be the structure of these schools, so watch the post till the end. First of all,

let us discuss the jobs of Educators in the Punjab Public Service Commission, Punjab Worker Welfare Fund, and the Labor and Human Resource Department. If it has been announced, then it will be showing on your screen. This is a job of many subjects in it. First of all, let me discuss it with you guys. First of all, this is the job of a Secondary School Teacher,

PPSC Jobs 2023 Quota

The post of Secondary School Teacher, SST, BS. 16 is on a contract basis for 5 years and the total number of seats within it is 22. Its number of seats is total and this is the job of an IT teacher. This is the PPSC Job of an IT teacher and the age limit within it is It is from 21 to 35 years for males and it is also from 21 to 35 years for females but within that,

The PPSC Jobs relaxation given to males is 5 years and for females, it is 8 years, apart from this, The qualification required is MCAS or BCS. Along with this, you should also have two years of experience and I told you earlier about the number of vacancies, the total minority quota is one and the woman quota is 10, on total open merit pay. There are 11, which is the second seat, that too, I will discuss with you.

Qualification Required For Pakistan Jobs

The other seats are in Bio, and the teacher required for them is in Bio, and the qualification required for this is BA, Biology, MA, MSc, along with B.Ed and BS. You should have an M.Sc. meaning, whatever you have should be there in your bio. Apart from this, experience is not required in IT. In that, two years of experience is also required.

Apart from this, the next thing is the age limit, or within that, the same is mail. And Female as in IT Teachers apart from this only those candidates who are recognized by the Higher Education Commission will be accepted. Apart from this, your degrees should be those that are approved by HC and yours should be second.

Punjab Public Service Commission

The PPSC Jobs division should be ‘Atlist’, meaning you should not have any third division in it. Apart from this, whatever details I am telling you about your posting, first of all, you should know the district in which you are posted, for example, if it is Lahore, then it should be in that. The number of posts on PPSC Jobs is five, I am talking about the bio, so make sure that if the post inside IT is not from Lahore, which is not there, you can also see that there is no post from Lahore.

If not then it means those from the Lahore district cannot apply for IT, then you can apply for the district which is your Mutal district i.e. the one for which your domicile is made and when you get the PPSC Jobs.

Punjab Public Service Commission Age Limit

Your selection and your posting will also be within your Muttaka district. I will tell you about the work and rest of the structure of these schools later, so the next thing is that of Math Teacher, so within Math Teacher also. The requirement is the same, the age limit is the same, your degree should be in Maths, apart from this, you should also have a B.Ed. So whatever your B.Ed is, it is mandatory to have a B.Ed in the post mentioned in your bio.

And it is mandatory in Math also. Apart from this, it is mandatory to have all the posts in Physics and Chemistry. You must have a B.Ed in all these. So, the post in Physics is also mandatory for me to share with you. It is located in Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur Nankana Saheb, Sialkot, Gujarat. There are a total of 37 posts and in this,

Special Persons Quota

there are 16 open merit posts there is also one for special persons and 18 posts are women quota, so what is different in this is being shown on your screen. You can see the list of the district. If you can, then not every post needs to be available in your district. In some districts, there is every post, that is, there are posts for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

But there are some districts in which there is only one post and the other thing is next. Next to this is G SSC teacher, what is required is Physics, I have told you that G is inside Chemistry, for that also it is necessary for you to be a Master in Chemistry. Apart from this, you must also be with D. The age limit is the same. Within all posts, 21 to 35 is 21 to 35 plus A, which means you can say that 40 years is for males and 43 is for females. The rest of the posts that I have told you are domicile.

Government Jobs

The name and place of posting are the same for you people, for every post you have a Mataldaku and your posting will also be at the same place. Now if we talk about the syllabus, then whatever is there is written, that too almost all of them according to their degree. It is the same i.e. whatever your degree is, whether it is Maths or Physics, Chemistry or IT, whatever degree you have, whatever is yours on 80 marks, you will be asked questions from that degree.

The questions that will be on 80 marks in your paper will be yours. Is Mutal’s degree in Science or Maths? Out of that, the remaining one which is on the 20th is your basic which is General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, and Urdu, there will be questions like this, meaning the syllabus is there for the various posts that come for the lecturer. Almost this is the sPPSC Jobs ame syllabus but since it is a 16th scale post, the level of the paper will be easier than that. I have told you about Chemistry.

PPSC Jobs 2023

Physics, these were the main subjects. People have been told that these science subjects have also come, so now there is a possibility concerning concernings that they too can come, now how many will come or in which district they will come, then you can guess from these whether the science subjects will come or not.

There are one to two vacancies in every district, but still, if you are from Arts, you have done master’s in any subject, then you should continue your preparation, Inshallah, these posts will come soon in Arts also, which I told you about. Had to tell you that B.Ed and BA are included in it,., A B.Ed is mandatory in it, meaning without a B.Ed, you cannot apply to any post even if you have done a master’s in it and this is also of Chemistry Lahore Sheikhupura Kasur Sahiwal Multan.

It is also almost the same, apart from this, there are one or two more posts of Assistant Director and Assistant Director, one more is Standard and apart from this, there is the post of Manager and apart from this, there is the post of Assistant Engineer, Sub Divisional Officer, SDO. For the Manager also, what is yours, Master.

PPSC Jobs Apply 2023

The PPSC Jobs degree required degree number of seats is two, but your master’s degree should be in Public Administration, Business Administration, or Economics, for this, the syllabus criteria given by them is 6040, so now let’s talk. Regarding the structure of these schools, as I have told you at the beginning of the post these jobs have come under the Labor and Human Resource Department and these schools come under the Punjab Workers Welfare Fund, that is, the board.

In these schools, mostly the children of the factory workers or the children of the laborers get an education and in these schools, there is at least one school in every district, there must be more than one. Often there is more than one within the district, but if you understand that just like these common schools, there will be many more schools within your city, be it higher secondary schools or secondary schools or primary schools, whatever are there within your city.

Punjab Public Service Commission Salary Package

These people do not come under it at all, they have their structure, their criteria, and the students who are within it, their strength is also not that much and there are one to two schools in every district, so you can learn from it. You can guess for yourself that if there are one, two, or three, or as many as four or five schools within the district,

What will be the strength of the students in it or what will be the workload, then this job is easier in comparison to other schools. Secondly, if we talk about their salary, their current salary package is almost 90K plus, that is, it is 90000 plus, their salary is more than 90000, they also get one or two extra allowances, and let’s talk about this.

PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page
PPSC Jobs Advertisement Page

Regarding being permanent and temporary, these jobs are not permanent, they are contract jobs as it is written and till now their structure has not gone in such a direction that they will have any pension, etc. or such posts will become permanent. As of now, their structure is on contract, yes, but the salary package they have is very good, like I told you, if it is 90K plus,

then your joining is also there because the post has just come, then their last the date, there may be a test till the interview, the increase in the package can be more than this, so if you have done this in a science subject, you have a degree and you have B. Ed, then you should not wait at all for the job of an educator.

Pakistan Jobs

Will it come from the schools in the city or the school near me? It may be far away from your home town. Post-PPSC Jobs as I told you earlier these schools in your district are also very minimal. If you are there in number then you must apply for it, their salary package is very good, it is not pensionable, that is, till now there is no such structure for their pension, etc.

But their salary package is very good and apart from this like I told you earlier they have their structure and it is completely different, that is, the way the EO of The school or any other officer, their visits, etc., or whatever happens, their arrangements are different from other schools. It is completely different, whatever school is there in your home town or your city, so you have to apply online for it. You people have visited the website of PPSC jobs and this post is in front of you.

You must click on that page and you have to apply online as you apply online for the post of PPSC. If you have any questions regarding this post, then you can comment. If you can ask about applying online, if you ask, I will make a separate post with that reference. Its PPSC Jobs online procedure is easy.

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