Osman Ghazi Founder of the Ottoman Empire

Osman Ghazi Founder of the Ottoman Empire. Osman Khwaja ji proved to be better than his father in his own clean and good qualities. He had many qualities like good habits and justice. 1281 Argument: Through his father Atul, Saya participated in many raids, then after the death of his father, after becoming rich, as soon as Sultan Osman Ghazi came into power, he started conquering the border areas of his Balan Sharad and started attacking the settlement areas.

The reason was that it was very close to Osman’s territory, and in the beginning, Osman’s operations were based on Muzaffarnagar, later on, he used to attack the border areas of the Sultanate of Fruits and in his capacity as the leader of the Sultan of Roads, Osman had to deal with them. But he never lost the battle and the first major success of Osman Ghazi was to be known to the king of Hisar Kali. After knowing it, the king of Hisar Kali did Amavasya Ra, and soon after finding out the same, Osman Ghazi again.

History of Osman Ghazi

The people’s representatives were well informed that they were no match for Aasan Hari, the Sultan was very happy with this information and he made Usman come to Hisar and besides this, he conquered the whole area. Usman had acquired Baja and Shamshir and gave it to Osman apparently. Was given and Osman was allowed to issue his coin in this area. All the disputes between the emperor himself ended and Osman came to power.

In 1299, Sultan Osman declared his own independent rule. In the 13th century, some of the Asian In the meantime, due to the attack of stars, the Sultanate of the streets was defeated and Osman Ghazi became completely independent and independent. After this, Osman Ghazi asked for a Sultan like a self-independent ruler with all the Fatuha. The purpose of this was not just to conquer the princely states. In fact, for a long time, they remained busy in the management of the cities. they worked a lot for our prosperity.

Ottoman Empire

Some Turkish chieftains, who considered this silence as the weakness of Osman, were fed up with the increasing power of Osman. In 1298, he cleared the misconceptions of all the chieftains by defeating them and showed that in the 13th century, Dhvani city was a city of their trust and after knowing it, he established the Darul rule of Noida Sultanate in 1301.

After Sultan Osman, the big army of the last emperor fasted in the house of King Hisar, within 806 years. Osman Ghazi reached the deaf horse after finding out these figures, the trust was not justified and neither was all the media except one. The areas were conquered. All these cities were later conquered by the Sultan and yes. Seeing this situation, the last emperor instigated the stars to attack that place.

About Osmans Family

The stars attacked the areas occupied by Osman. This time Osman sent his son and Han to face the stars and gave a severe defeat to the leaders that the hopes of all the enemies of Sultan Osman including the young public representatives were dashed in 1317, Sultan Osman Qasmi uttered a phrase of utmost trust: The bleeding became so serious that six years later, during the same month, Sultan Osman Ghazi died in 1323. At the time of his death, he appointed his son and Han as his successors.

The Sultan and Han continued the process of trust and in 1326, during the period of trust and Han, I came to know, that is, the flesh and blood of trust, which continued for about 10 years. On this date, there is mention of Usman Udasi’s two wives, Rabia Khatoon and Mal Khatoon. That Manga ji had five sons whose names are something like this and Alauddin Pasha, a resident of Hall.

Osman Ghazi’s Death

5000 rupees were given to us by Jha and their friend Usman, who was the head of the area in the middle of Rajyotsav on the day of the death of Usman, the famous Dushwari, his health was changing and in the interpretation of a dream of Usman Ghazi, Shafali asked for the marriage of his daughter. The boy was made to marry a woman. Write the story of Sultan Osman’s death. Tera Shyam Aaya. Sultan Osman died in 1324.

According to the high tradition, he died like this during the victory of Bharosa. After the victory of Bharosa, he died. Before dying, he made a will to my son and brother, the link of which is available in the description, in Sultan Osman, all those things that are necessary for a warrior were found clearly. Your courage and bravery were extraordinary when I myself used to fight with such passion among the soldiers. Your two justices did not stop.

Sultan Osman Ghazi

They are very famous. Everyone was equal in justice. You drank the wealth of your caste. You were the owner of your share of the times and used to distribute the blessings. After your death, no gold, money, etc. was found in your house. Only one captain and one salt pan. A wooden spoon and some Arabian horses were found. However, one of his swords which was not given with a shed is still present.

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Sultan Osman Ghazi said that this sword was given to every Sultan who came after him and in this story, it is said She used to say that Allah Rabbul Izzat, you too should develop qualities like Osman. While Osman Ghazi is famous for his bravery and beginning, his hands are also stained with the blood of his uncle. Sultan Osman himself attacked his uncle Damdar Bey by shooting an arrow into these sultanates.

The first murder of his own family in Osmania, the Thanedar was killed because he was doing history from 523 Dhumda. Apart from this, he was also destroying the morale of the army. In the meeting of Sultan Osman, he used to advise us to wake up by calling the enemy powerful. murder will seem very strong but for some time it was a minor sentence that Sultan Osman Ghazi also built a mosque in his Hit the Guide which was the first mosque nursing of the Sultanate of Osmania.

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