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New vacancies are ready to come in Islamabad Police Jobs 2024. You can apply for Sub Inspector SI SI CTF Constable Constable CTF Constable Horse Rider Constable Band. complete information on how to apply. In this post, we will see the vacancy of Sub Inspector Have BS 14 scale, Merit will be Punjab ICT, Sindh Urban Rural, KP’s Balochistan, GB FATA,

We can apply with BA, B.Sc., or equal Education should be an age limit, of 18 to 25 years, Physical standard, Male candidate, Height, Feet, Chest, 33 To 34, female Height 5 feet 2. There is no physical test in this Only a return test will be and you will have an interview. There is a vacancy for a second SI BS 11 scale.

Islamabad Police Jobs Online Apply

We can apply from all over Pakistan Training for this BA B.Sc or Masavi Training Age limit was 18 to 25 years Physical condition for male candidates was 5 feet chest was 33 to 34 for female candidates height was 5 feet 2. Male candidates were required to complete a 1 mile run in 7 minutes and female candidates to complete one mile run in 10 minutes.

There will be a physical test in this, the first phase of recruitment will be the measurement of the chest, the second phase is race, the third phase will be a written test, the fourth phase will be of interview, SI CTF will have BS 11 scale, we can apply from Sindh only, rest of the candidates. The measurement is the same, SI is fine and the first measurement is height and chest,

Islamabad Police Jobs in Pakistan

The second measurement is race, the third measurement is a written test and the fourth measurement is an interview, constable, its scale is seven, merit is 69, Punjab 43, general, 394, female, 46, disability, 23, ICT, 21, 30 and Kansi, general. 196 Khawateen 23 non-Muslim 12 we can also apply from Sindh Urban Rural KP, Balochistan, GB, FATA, AJ, General i.e. quota wise,

This is the vacancy for general, separate Khawateen and Akaliyat are available separately from quota, as you can see on the screen. For proper education, matriculation or age limit is 18 to 25 years, physical condition for male candidates, height is 5 feet, and the chest is 33, for female candidates, their height is 5 feet 2, male candidates can run one mile in 7 minutes and female candidates can run one mile in 7 minutes.

Scale Details Of Police Jobs in Pakistan

It has to be completed in 10 minutes. The first phase measurement will be of height and chest. The second phase will be the race. The third phase will be a written test. The fourth phase will be of interview. Constables can apply for CTF. BS scale will be seven. , merit is four. Punjab 26 General, 22 women. There are three vacancies for Akaliyat, one for ICT, 14 posts are vacant, four for Sindh Urban, six for Sindh Rural, five of whom are General.

three are from Hawa, three are from KP, six are from Balochistan, three are from GB, two are from AJ, one is for AJ, Matriculation has been kept for this. The age is 18 to 25 years. Physical standards can be seen for male candidates, height 5 feet, chest 33 to 34, and female candidates, height 5 feet. Two male candidates have to run one mile in 20 minutes and female candidates have to complete the race in 10 minutes, that is,

Criteria for Islamabad Police Jobs in Pakistan

The first measurement will be of height and chest. The second measurement will be race. The third measurement will be the Tahrir test. The fourth measurement will be of interview. Only men will be able to apply for a constable horse rider, we can apply from Punjab and ICT. Education is Matriculation or MASS.

The age limit is 18. Physical standard is 5 years, height is 5 feet, the chest is 33 to 34, and candidates will have to complete one mile run in seven minutes, females cannot apply for this, and for this, the first measurement is of height, chest, the second measurement is running, third measurement is test, fourth measurement is Constable band will be of profession wise test interview, for this also only male.

New Islamabad Police Jobs Apply

Will be able to apply, also the scale is merit, you can apply from Balochistan GB FATA of Punjab ICT Sindh Urban Rural KP, for this, an age limit has been kept for education matriculation. 18 25 years old, physical standard, height is 5 feet 7 inches and chest is kept at 33 x 34 Candidates will have to complete one mile run in seven minutes.

In this also height will be measured in the chest. The second leg will be running, and the third leg will be the Tehri test. There will be a fourth Marhala professional warrant test interview will be held, Ay Barai constable all the soldiers can also apply for this, I have matriculation education, height is about 5 feet, my chest is 33 34, age is 30 years,

Documents Required Motorway Police jobs

It is the military candidate of Sharay Barai Sahib. You can read it and the candidate who has passed the physical and cash test will have to bring the original and copy of the registered jail documents at the time of the interview, that is, after you clear these documents, the time of the interview will come, at that time you will have to bring the original documents and You have to carry duplicate documents during the interview.

Islamabad Police Ad Page
Islamabad Police Ad Page

It is when you have an interview. You have to carry it in the interview. What are those documents? I am going to tell you all the training. A computerized power card issued by Nadra is fine. Certificate of domicile and residence in blue background. Along with two passport-size photographs, Akaliyat i.e. in case of applying on non-Muslim quota, the signature of Jilli Saab’s officer on behalf of the DCO,

Physical Test Police Jobs

The attested statement of helpfulness, good discharge certificate, and x military candidate are fine, these are the instructions and information known as height in the physical test. This includes measurement of the chest, running speed, etc. The candidate is instructed to wear shoes for the running test and bring a water bottle.

It is okay for the candidate to pass one stage i.e. on passing the stage, he will be qualified for the next stage. if you clear one stage, your second stage will start, okay, you will be called successful, okay, the physical fitness test can be taken by the candidate again at the time of the interview, okay, that is, your Whatever your eyesight is, it should be six by six.

Police and Motorway Police jobs

There should not be any disease. If your eyesight is less than six by six, then such a candidate can be declared non-eligible. there are other important instructions, you can read them, let’s talk. We have also received NOC from the Government of Pakistan Cabinet Secret at the Establishment Division of Apply.

Subject here you can see NOC for Recruitment in ICT Police jobs. here are all the vacancies which I have just shared with you. Here we can wait a little from the application side, the application was to be started in Islamabad Police jobs and Motorway Police jobs, but some reason is being created here, maybe it could be because of the election, but the application in these will start soon.

Islamabad Police Jobs Online Apply

I am going to share the complete information with you quoting them. if we get any more information, if there is any issue, we will guide you. my request to you is that along with subscribing, you must also press the bell icon. Regarding applying for Police jobs.

The Islamabad website is ready to apply. From the website, we can apply in two ways, one is through the application form and or online, both methods are available to you. I will tell you, that you can use whatever method you like if you want to apply, you will see the links of the latest vacancies in the eye button, and you can apply for them for the time being,

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