History of Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm

History of Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm. Sultan Mohammad was the most powerful Muslim in the village due to the destruction of classification due to the influence of the Iran revolution etc. because he was planning the destruction of Baghdad, Shahabuddin said. It is about the war that while harassing the tyrants, Changez Khan had signed a powerful Sultanate by erasing the small roads of Balochistan. 615 With the help of Changez Khan in Indri, we started towards Islamia, wherever we were and the Sultan type was on the world.

Despite being very close to the event, he did not fight Genghis Khan himself but instead removed him from the battlefield with speed. The Mughals crushed the Sultanate of Workshop and its Helo Yaar in such a brazen manner, perhaps because of this Ranjo was running away from the people to save his life. In an unknown state, Ranjo was murdered in a state of sorrow. Sultan Mohammad Kar Sansar had seven sons who were uncles under the rule of Jhalas.

Death of Muhammad Khwarzam Shah

All of them were murdered at the hands of the Mughals, only one. Son Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm, who was the bravest among all the brothers and had the most courage and courage, has come, Jalaluddin’s heart will remain the same after the loyalty of his father. He left for Spain with passion and came to the city of Tabriz. Here he took some brave friends with him. The Mughals arrested him. He wanted to do this but he bypassed the cleanliness of the locality and escaped safely among his companions.

After leaving there, he reached Varanasi, where he got the guarantee of his sympathizers and friends. He was born in the same area. He attacked Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm first and defeated him. Driven away this Ghaliban was the first defeat that Option Crazy Fans had suffered in the match against Jalaluddin. Hearing this news, Genghis Khan left Kalayan Taliban and reached Bamiyan where his grandson the fourth part of his son was attacked by an arrow.

Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm’s Power

Genghis Khan Sultan Jalaluddin ordered the men and women of Bamiyan to be killed one by one, even if any woman was attacked, a child was taken out of her womb and her neck was cut. Due to Sultan Jalaluddin, the Mughal forces were defeated in the city. Very soon he corrected and strengthened his condition and became ready to face Genghis Khan. If Jalaluddin had been there in place of Kar Sanstha, then surely he would not have gotten the title of many films that irritated the Mughals, but the program of peace, courage, and stupidity had taken its toll.

He did not allow any work to be done by creating Azimushshan and left innocent cities to be defeated by the easy sword of the Mughals. Sultan Jalaluddin crossed the Jamuna and became ready to fight Genghis Khan, but unfortunately, there were leaders like him in the Jamiat. Those who betrayed and joined the Mughals at the last moment and Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm was left with only seven hundred men, Sultan Jalaluddin kept fighting with them.

Defeat of the Mongol Army

Genghis Khan had also turned his attention towards the Sahil of the Question. Jalaluddin reached there carrying Azim, taking pity on him. By keeping the lion at his post, Lutch fought the Mongols. The Mughals in the form of many heated up the commotion of the metropolis, but Jalaluddin fought with this bravery and youthful will that the Sultan kept the army of Genghis Khan and his followers at bay. When Jalaluddin was an attacker, he would set back the dreams of the Mughals, but he would move forward after becoming a Muslim and would attack with more enthusiasm than before.

Sultan Jalaluddin’s lack of a volunteer army and the efforts of the enemies were evidenced in this action. No special success could be achieved, but the coin of which caste community of Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm got settled in the heart of Genghis Khan. Even in those seven cities, when only around a hundred Mujahids were left, Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm took off the cumin seeds and threw the crown in his hand, he threw the horse into the river Sindh. His other companions also expressed their concern for their Sultan.

Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm Hardship’s

Genghis Khan wanted to clutch it so that he could arrest that brave man and bring him back, but throwing the horse into that deaf lake was not right. It was not an easy task because on the banks of Changez Khan and Raisen, on the other hand, money and within the stipulated time, a handful of brave men attacked the resistance, till then only 7 men reached the banks of Maa Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm, the rest inside Haryana were killed by the arrows of the Mughals.

Sultan Jalaluddin was martyred after reaching that shore, took off his clothes and put them in the bushes to be happy, buried them on the ground, placed his crown on its tip and started resting under it, took off the saddle of the horse and to be happy, he Genghis Khan was standing on the other bank watching all this spectacle and was shocked and troubled. He called all his chieftains and chiefs present in his army and said that to date I have never seen such a brave and courageous man. Similarly, Benazir Bahadur is brave. It was only his work to use such a big Azimushshan river.

The Great Genghis Khan

If this person remains alive, then I fear that he will erase the name and trace of the Mughals from the world like a letter. Therefore, a way should be thought of to kill him in whatever way possible, but mother, anything else could have happened except that Genghis Khan went back from the edge of troubled philosophy, the fact that in 633 Hijri, you became the Sultan from above. Jalaluddin’s weight is 600 After that, he achieved something solid in Sindh and Chandra kept coming here and joining him. After that, Sultan Jalaluddin went towards the construction of Darya Kapoor and from there went to Siras.

During this period, the fidayeen were better defeated. It is not true among the Guru Mughals that Shimla was very soft and famous at the time of Bawri and these people were very happy after hearing the news of the massacre of Muslims because people were also Muslims. They had the same enemies as the Mughals, hence, they were not worth any threat from the Mughals. Seeing the settled condition of the Mughals, they had greatly subjugated the seven of their own, making the murderer a smuggler capable of Sultan Jalaluddin and being counted among our exploits.


Now we had enough of the flow of passengers, it meant that Sultan Jalaluddin, seeing the opportunity of inspection, rebelled that he should go there and present himself in the service of Ullah Abbasi, under the control of finance, and yearn for help so that the Mughals could get one more kingdom from the Mark Islamists. Jalaluddin’s father had a hatred for the crematorium, hence he looked at Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm with hatred and immediately informed the Umrah that Jalaluddin should not be allowed to move forward and this color should be thrown out of our meeting.

Seeing this, Sultan Jalaluddin got ready for the competition and defeated Umrah Baghdad and drove him away, then from there he himself got ready to enter Baghdad. After the race was published, he went to Kazakhstan, where the camera welcomed him with great respect and he Considered courage as a Nepal and an honor, it was fully expressed. The condition of Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm’s organization was once again in good shape and on the other hand, Sim of the occasions had laughed and come to compete with him.

Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm Success

A program of killing took place near the spoon. Sultan Jalaluddin defeated the Mughals. After defeating and driving away all the people by getting the candidate, Rajasthan and its outlying areas were freed from occupation, after that the Mughals attacked Sultan Jalaluddin Buyhana with a lot of preparation and Azimushshan Lashkar. On hearing the question of preparation for this attack, Sultan Jalaluddin He sent Mirchi towards Baghdad and crushed the head of the enemy of Astar in it, but secretly the fame of Jalaluddin’s bravery.

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I liked that Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm would again become a threat to us by getting ready to attack the Mughals. When Sultan Jalaluddin’s chamcha could get any pulse from any side, he himself was forced to get ready for the fight and it was possible that he could defeat the Mughals and break their morale. Had Latala not accepted this fact, Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm, the spies who had appointed him to find out the nefarious activities among the people.

Enemy Attack

Would have given the wrong news to Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm that the Mughals had collected The tax was still very far, although Lashkar had reached very close, hence the Mughals suddenly attacked at midnight in such a situation that Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm had I no idea of ​​the enemy’s attack, thus suddenly seeing himself caught in the claws of the enemy.

So he started fighting with his hands and got mushrooms and pulses and potatoes, but when he became disheartened, he came out of this commotion and took away some person on horseback and after that, no one could get ahead of his condition. Arrangements of Sultan Jalal ud Din Khwarazm’s Dharamshala There are two famous stories about bribery. One is that a mountain man cheated him and killed him out of greed for his horse and clothes when he had gone to rest somewhere in the mountains.

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