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New Government Jobs have been announced in Combine Military Hospital CMH to which both men and women from all over Pakistan can apply. The first vacancy is for a Medical Assistant Male, Grade B from BPS, Merit is open, and people from all over Pakistan can apply for it.

You should have Matric Science, you should have education and you should have a Diploma. There is a number two vacancy in terms of field. The grade for Medical Assistant Khatoon is also BPS Sen. Eligible is Matric Science. You must have an education and you must have a Faculty Diploma regarding the field. Number three is vacancy.

Government Jobs in Pakistan

The grade of Ward Boy is its BPS. These are three Seats are on the quota of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Do you have an education? It should be primary and you must have complete expertise in terms of work. The number four vacancy is in the grade of Electrician. Its BS is a Job. This is a Jobson KP training.

You should have primary and experience in terms of the field. To be complete, you must have a vacancy at number five. The grade of carpenter is his bs4, he is a person who is on the quota of KP. Government Jobs in Pakistan vacancy of the tailor’s grade. He is a person of bs4, who is on the quota of KP. There is a vacancy for Naib Qasid, his grade is BS, he is a Job and this is also on the quota of KBK.

Govt Jobs in Pakistan

There is a vacancy for Cook, his grade is BS, and a Job, this is also on the quota of Khaib Pakhtun Kha, number nine. There is a Government Job in Pakistan vacancy in labor grade, there is one Job in it, there is one Job in it and this too is on the quota of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and there is a Chowkidar grade, There is BS and one Job, and this Job is also on the quota of KPK, and there is a vacancy in number 11. Aya

Sanitary Worker and both of them are Grade One, Aya has two vacancies, and the Sanitary Worker has three and these seats are also on KVK quota, The Sanitary Worker Female and No. 14 vacancy are for Stretcher Barrier. The grade for both of them is one. Khatoon, a sanitation worker, has two Jobs, while the stretcher barrier has one Job.

Hospital jobs in Pakistan

These three Jobs are on the KBK quota. In this way, there are a total of 20 Jobs, out of which two can apply from all over Pakistan, while 18 Jobs. If we talk about education, then to apply for all the posts from post number four to post number 14, you must have primary education and it is mandatory to have experience in the field.

Last Date To Apply Online Jobs In Pakistan

This vacancy is going to be announced by CMH. It has been announced for Pisha, beyond which you have the last date to apply is 14 January 2024. If you want to apply for this, then you will have to attach a photocopy of Talim Anad and Nasti’s card along with your domicile on a simple paper and an application. You will have to write in the name of Commandant CMH Pisha for which vacancy you want to apply for Government Jobs.

It is written here that you can read it, only those people who clear the alley completely and only those people who have to go for a test interview. You will be called for delivery. You have to write your home address clearly on your application so that you can get the delivery easily and you have to write your mobile number which is on so that you can be easily contacted beyond the post.

Age Limit Gov Jobs in Pakistan

It is mandatory and clear to write the name of the post you are applying for on the top corner of the envelope containing your application. You will be given additional education if you have it or after the completion of the above age limit to apply is 18 to 25 years. 5 years for you. If you are given special relaxation then you can apply till the age of 30 years.

If you are a soldier then you will be given a relaxation of 15 years. If you are applying for B BPS then you will also have to make a pay order of Rs 300. Commandant CMH. Retired army man Hazrat will be given preference on these vacancies to be announced in the name of Pishab. Your application should reach the address of Commandant CMS Pisha before 14th January.

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