Easy Salmon Recipe With Mustard Sauce In 30 Min

A King Salmon with a mustard sauce. That’s going to be a quick salmon recipe. You’re going to love it. I got this beautiful king salmon. I got beautiful king salmon here right here folks. So, I’m going to show you how to cook it. You know, a lot of people like the skin. if you’re going to have the skin, there are a few things we must do with it. The first thing we want to do is you want to take as much of the moisture as possible from the skin.


  • Fresh King Salmon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Clarified butter
  • Regular butter
  • Mustard with seeds (Dijon with seeds)
  • Chicken stock
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Shallots
  • Dill
  • White wine
  • Potatoes
  • Cornstarch

You’re going to have a crispy skin and the best way to do this is to eliminate as much of the moisture as possible. When you think you don’t have anymore, All that moisture right there. So, you take it. It’s amazing, ain’t it? So, we want to remove it as much as possible of the moisture. As much as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to scrape it.

Salmon Recipe

You’re not going to hurt your fish You’re not going to hurt your fish at all. So scrape it, scrape it, scrape it, scrape it. That is if you want to eat the skin and you want it to be crispy, That’s amazing. Alright, well you got the idea, Spend some more time. We’ll wipe the fish too. Uh, I’m just going to do one piece for now. Alright, you can take the time to do more. I got a clock going. And then I’m going to put some I don’t know if you’ve ever had but this is amazing salt.

It’s crunchy. It’s amazing. It’s an amazing salt. So we put the salt in here. On the on the skin. We’re going to use butter. Use clarified butter to saute the fish. But then we will use regular butter to make the sauce. First, let’s check our temperature to make sure we’re good. Salmon I like it to do I like to do it skin side down in the oven % of the time. That means the first five minutes we’re going to cook it right here on that side. So what we’re going to do we’re going to put a little more salt in here.

Add Ingredients

We’re going to cook it with a little more salt. We’re going to put a little bit of pepper right here. Very little pepper. Right here on that side. Salmon So we’re going to start sauteing it in here. And when this is kind of like golden brown. And then what’s that’s going to do that’s going to make sure that in the skin it’s beautiful. Nice and crispy. And then what it’s cooking in the oven I’m going to make the sauce. And for the sauce, I am going to make a mustard sauce.

Chicken stock. A little bit of cream, some shallots, some dill, and another onion, the chives. We are using a demoed mustard, demoed mustard, or Dijon mustard with seeds in it. So it’s a mustard with a seed on it. And then we’re going to add more butter. For sure. For sure we’re going to add butter. But otherwise without butter. Salmon Life is boring without butter. People want to say they don’t eat butter. I don’t know. Let’s make sure I get the right temperature.

Salmon Fish Recipe With Easy Steps

I want it to be I want it to be three-fifty. Cutified butter you can take if you do regular butter it’s going to burn degrees and stop turning brown. So we don’t want it to do that. That’s why I’m doing it. So remember the beginning of the salmon. We’re going to saute it right here on that side. And we’re going to get a golden brown on that side. Just a little bit. While this is done let me clean up my cutting board. You know I got my sanitized water there.

Salmon Recipe
Salmon Recipe

I you know whenever I cook I finish one job. I have to clean it. And I finish another job. I have to clean it. I cannot have a dirty stove. It’s a thing about this. I must have it clean. Alright? So let’s get the fish to do this. Well, it’s doing this. We’re going to start a little bit on the sauce. And for the sauce, we can go with regular butter because we’re not going to burn it. We’re not going to cook for a while. We’re going to be gentle.

So, we’re going to put a little butter and I like for those of you that are asking, oh, it’s hot. What kind of butter do you use? I use sweet butter. Whatever butter you can find, whatever butter you like but I use sweet butter. That means non-salted butter. We’re going to saute the shallots and we’re going to get them light golden brown and then we’re going to put some white wine and we’re going to do a white wine reduction. Now, how we’re doing with the fish.

Add Spices In Salmon Fish

Here. Another minute or so. Maybe not a minute. Just a couple of seconds. That’ll be enough for us to stop the sauce. Butter melted? We’re going to put some shallots. If you don’t have shallots, put onion. It’ll be fine. Just don’t tell them. If somebody doesn’t like it, just don’t invite them again. That’s all. Not that big of a deal. They don’t like it? Yeah, go eat somewhere else. what we got here. what we got. we’re looking good.

We’re going to pop it in the oven at three degrees and Jack is going to give you the Celsius because I always forget. We’re going to put it right in there and we’re going to cook this to a beautiful, I like my salmon medium rare. Salmon You may like it more cooked than you cook it more but we’re going to go with a low temperature of degrees. I like it to be pink. That’s a matter of opinion. There’s no right or wrong. Whatever makes you happy.

Alright, we’re going to saute the shallots and this is going to take a few minutes, and as soon as the shallots are golden brown, light golden brown. We don’t want to burn it. We’re going to do a white wine reduction. I got a chicken stock. You know I always cook. I have chicken stock on my soul. So, don’t ever worry about what I replace it with. You replace it with a broth.

Easy Salmon Recipes

You gotta replace the liquid and shallots cooking in butter. Ain’t nothing like it., I am not kidding. Shallows than cooking butter are amazing. So, how long do we cook the salmon for? I always ask that question, how long do you cook it for? It all depends on how thick it is. It all depends on the temperature of your oven. SalmonIt all depends on how you like it. Some people like it rare. They want a rare salmon. Some are like, oh, well done. So, it takes longer.

Remember, I tell you, invest in the thermometer and Invest in the thermometer. You can’t just, no, you’re a professional, you can twist it, you can feel it. I know it’s it’s cooked right. That’s if you do this every day, same salmon, same cooking device, you can figure it out. If you’ve been doing this for a long time, professional chef, of course. If you cook with a beautiful wine, use the Chardonnay, use the Sauvignon Brown,

Use the brown, use whatever one you want, as long as it’s a wine you’re willing to drink, bring it to boil, look, bring it to boil, and let it reduce, let it reduce, let it reduce, While this is happening, I’m going to do some potatoes. Salmon I got potatoes in here and we’re going to saute them in butter but the potatoes. I sauteed some potatoes here. Well no no I poached them. I poached them in water. I just cut them. Little Nouvell potato we call them. You know they wash potatoes.

Add All Ingredients Step By Step

You they sometimes they’re red. Sometimes they’re white. I peel them and I cut them. You know so they look decent. And we’re going to saute them in butter. We put a little dill because we’re going to put some dill in the sauce. So we’re going to put a little bit of dill in the potatoes and we’re going to put them next to the fish. Very simple right? We could put some asparagus or so you could put the vegetables you wanted here but it’s just plain. I love to have a little potato with my fish.

Put whatever makes you happy with it. So, we don’t have to worry about the fish that much but we gotta worry about this reducing. So, folks, this has to be reduced almost when there is nothing left. So, it’s going to take about two or minutes. I’m going to slow down. The butter is hot for the potatoes. We’re going to saute them. Just real quick. Remember they cooked. Did I tell you that? They’re cooked already. I cooked them in boiling water. All I’m going to do now is just saute them.

Make them nice and pretty. But they’re already cooked. Alright, so we’re going to put a little salt and pepper on them. That’s it. They’re cooked. Done. And the white wine as you notice. It was about minutes. Something like that. The white wine look. It’s reduced completely. So at this point, you can add a little bit of broth. I got a little bit of broth right here. Let’s add a little bit of broth so have a little extra sauce, This is a good way to get the extra sauce.

Also,b Add Potatoes

And then what we’re going to do, we’re going to put since the white wine has been reduced, we’re going to bring that up and we’re going to put a touch of heavy whipping cream. And then we’re going to flavor it. We’re going to flavor it with dill. Salmon This is a very simple sauce. You can make that with chicken. You’re going to make it with anything you want ready. We’re going to put just a little bit of pepper and a little bit of Look at the potatoes. Look at the potatoes.

They look beautiful. Let me get a tongue. I got them right here. No big deal on the potatoes eh? Let’s saute them nice and pretty. At the last minute, we’re going to put some fresh deals on them. Alright. We’re good. The sauce is reduced. Let’s just wait a few more minutes for the fish to be ready. Let me check it out to make sure we’re doing good. Maybe another couple of minutes. We’ll be back in a couple of minutes to finish the fish. But then I got the fish is going to be ready.

What I like to do with the sauce folks is you can reduce it. And then finish it up with butter but then it’ll be too liquid. So I like to think in just a little bit with the cornstarch. Just a little bit. Little bit. Little bit. Put a little cornstarch in there. Salmon You don’t need a lot. I must whisk somewhere. There you go. This cornstarch is going to do a job.

Make Mustard Sauce For Salmon Fish

We got a beautiful sauce and now all we need to do folks is put a little butter in there. Yes. Yes. Butter. Look at this. Look at this. let’s take the fish out. Doesn’t that look beautiful? Let’s take the fish out. And put my sauce here. Let me turn this off. The potatoes are done. All I’m going to do with the potatoes. I’m going to put a little bit of my dill because that’s the spice I use. You could use the spice. The herbs I use. Not much of a spice and more of India. Stop at the end of the Masjid.

You don’t cook the Masjid face. You don’t sauce. Oh, you forgot the mustard. Oh let me not forget the fish. All right so now what I’m going to do I’m going to get a spoon. I’m going to bathe this guy just a little bit with our clarified butter right there. Look at this. We’re going to take we’re going to remove a little bit of the fat right there then the fish just releases. Salmon a little bit of the fat right there? Just not elegant. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just the fat. There we go.

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We’re going to. Let’s finish cooking it. Remember cooking is your cold. However, it makes you happy to do it. Let me clean up a little bit because I always have a mess. I don’t know about you. But I always have a mess. On my kitchen counter. Salmon I hate to have a mess. So I take the mess from over here and I’ll put it over there. Cuz you’re not looking over there. You’re not supposed to look over there. Alright? So here we go first.

Garnish And Serve Salmon Fish

We’re going to take our fish. going to take it in a pan. We’re going to be delicate now. We’re going to put the fish and we’re going to put it right here. Very simple. Salmon Oh, this hot. And we’re going to change pans right there. We’re going to take some of our potatoes. We’re going to put them right here. It’s very simple, right? Nothing fancy here. Take two or three potatoes right there. Let’s keep it in our numbers, huh? How about three potatoes? Very simple.

The thing that I like to put in the sauce at the last minute. Besides mustard is chives. Never cook chives. Never cook chives. Look how beautiful that sauce is. You can rub that all over. Look how beautiful that sauce is. Wait until it’s not so hot. A spoon. We’re going to take a little bit of the sauce right there. Look at this. That’s what I how simple that was. Little mustard so If you have never made a mustard sauce right there on your fish. Oh, one more thing. Hold on.

Add Sauce And Enjoy

I got it. Right there. This time I was ready. Remember the sauce is made with dill. So find yourself a nice piece of dill. And do it delicately. Delicate. You don’t have to be you don’t have to do so much. What do you think? I think that’s enough. One piece is enough. It’s a little more cooked in the in the in the oh in the the the thin part but look at this. the skin comes right off. Look at how gorgeous that is.

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