Battle of Somnath 1025 AD Mehmood Ghaznavi

Battle of Somnath 1025 AD Mehmood Ghaznavi. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi his father died in 998 AD After sitting on the throne of Ghazni for thirty-two years. This soldier spent most of his life on horseback Salar fought hundreds of battles in his life It is said that Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni conquered India. The attacks and all the historians who are influenced by Hindus are the ones who carried out these attacks.

The impression of Sultan Ghaznavi is called a looting campaign What is given by the Hindus is that he is not a mujahid but. There was only one looter who entered India for looting. While the reality is quite the opposite, Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi is one Jalil-ul-Qadr Sultan Sahib Basirat Darwish and Wali Allah Ruler And their purpose in invading India was spiritual and ideological. There was also the military and military necessity of this era, so It is important that we talk about the historical background that led to this.

Ghaznavi Empire

These attacks were carried out by Amir Sabkatgin in 977 AD established an empire in the Ghazni region of Afghanistan. which is in history It became known as the Ghaznavid Empire. The empire spread to all the areas that are now West Pakistan East Iran and Afghanistan. This empire Ghazni had spread across the Amu Darya (Trans-Canal) to the Central Commodities Count of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, son of Amir Shabkatgin, the founder of the empire.

He would have been one of the highest and most glorious generals in the history of Islam. He was the first Muslim ruler to cross the Khyber Pass. The attacks on India were launched by those famous soldiers in the history of Islam Salar and a General who changed the coming centuries Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi is one of them. At that time the empire of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi was established in Ghazni, At the time.The Abbasid Caliphate was established in Baghdad, Central Asia, and Khorasan Trans-Canal area, and Afghanistan.

Muslim Ruler

Different types of tribes Amir Sabkatgin was divided into chiefs and established a strong center here Established all the Muslims who came to this region before Amir Sabkatgin. The rulers never intended to invade India. Their entire strategy is towards Khorasan, Central Asia and the West Lived It is noteworthy that Qutayba bin Muslim invaded Afghanistan.

The conquest paved the way for the invasion of India. But Despite this, a Muslim ruler who ruled for two and a half hundred years did not even try to invade India through the Khyber Pass. Amir Sabkatgin himself had no intention of invading India. He also extended his empire to Central Asia, Khorasan, and Iran and Wanted to spread on the side. At present the whole of India in which it exists Pakistan is also Divided into hundreds of kings and maharajas. The borders of the Ghaznavid Empire also extended to the Khyber Pass.

History of Mehmood Ghaznavi

Rich Sabkatgin’s focus was on the north and west. and Under no circumstances did they want to invade India. But Peshawar Ghaznavid Hindu states located in areas from Continued to tamper with the empire. Of Amir Sabkatkin. After the death of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi when Ghaznavi took the throne. The empire was weakened, Taking advantage of this opportunity Raja J. Paul, the ruler of Peshawar, succeeded Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni Occupied areas.

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi went ahead and became Raja Compared to Jay Paul. And seize him by defeating him instructively. Taken Raja Jayapal was humiliated all over India for this defeat Encountered Because of the taunts of his friends and enemies Tired of life, he eventually committed suicide. Raja Jay paal Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi on India after defeating Paul Made fifteen attacks and succeeded each time.

Battle of Somnath

One hundred and twenty-four AD By then, Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi had accumulated the coin of his power everywhere. This was the reign of Mahmud Ghaznavi and all of India Raja Maharaja Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi used to tremble when he heard his name Made. his sixteenth attack on the temple of Somnath in 1025 AD. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi was told that in western India, There is a magnificent temple on the beach called Somnath Hindus believe that the idol of Somnath is the king of all idols and the rest All idols are his ministers and slaves after the death of human souls.

they attend the court of Somnath and from there she is reborn, At the same time the Sultan comes to know that the Hindu Pandit is a Hindu They are doing propaganda to maintain the morale of the people That so far the same idols have been trampled by the Muslims from whom Somnath Was angry. So Somnath did not protect these idols. That’s why The Muslims succeeded in destroying them. Otherwise, Somnath can destroy Muslims in an instant.

Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

To break the spell of this blasphemous and misleading propaganda Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni once again invaded India. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi from Ghazni on 15th October, 1025 AD They left for Somnath. Thirty thousand soldiers were his equals. And a lot of volunteers were with them. During the month of Ramadan, they reached Multan and stayed there for a few days and proceeded towards Rajasthan. they Increased Sultan Mahmud to cross this difficult desert Ghaznavi also stored water and food on 20,000 camels and Took them with me after getting food and supplies from Ajmer Went ahead without wasting time.

Many more forts on their way Most of the fort keepers came and opened the doors without fear The Sultan obtained supplies from these forts and proceeded towards Somnath On hearing the news of the arrival of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, the Solangi family left Twenty-seven kings of the surrounding area, including Somnath, the elder Raja of India Had united to protect. January 6, 1026 AD Morning Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Tired journey of two months and twenty-four days After doing.

So, they reached the front of the walls of Somnath and reached the walls of the fort It was the collective strength of the Hindus Among the soldiers who had gathered to confront the Muslims, Volunteers, men, women, and even children and the elderly were included. The Islamic army encamped outside the Somnath wall. By the order of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi, the soldiers advanced towards the wall and the arrow.

The Great Muslim Army

He started firing arrows at the Muslims from the wall It was going on but soon the Hindus came up with the idea that We do not need to fight in the presence of Somnath. Somnath himself is one of them thinking that he would kill the Muslims. A large number of priests of Somnath descended from the wall and went to the temple They started shouting in front of the Somnath. while the Muslims took advantage of the opportunity.

They managed to climb a part of the wall but the Muslims A significant number of Hindus were still on the wall to stop it Corpses kept falling from the wall until nightfall and nightfall In the darkness, the Muslims returned to their camp. Muslims see this The Hindus had gone to great lengths to protect Somnath The next day, an Islamic army led by Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi formed a The Muslims attacked the wall from many directions.

His archery raised the heads of the Hindu soldiers stationed on the wall Did not have the opportunity. Thus the Muslims climbed the walls of the fort I succeeded. A large number of Hindus gathered at the temple. Seeing Somnath in danger, he hugged the idol and protected it Began to swear. After that all the Hindus left the temple and went to the fort Began to gather. And in the temple courtyard, there was a bloody battle that evening One of the Muslim fortresses at the end of the second day’s fighting.

Hindu kings

The part was occupied and now in front of them was the temple of Somnath In which innumerable Hindus are on the palm of their hands to protect their deity. The decisive phase of the next day’s war was about to begin. The Sultan was about to receive a disturbing report Two warrior Hindu kings with a mighty army help the priests of Somnath Upon receiving this information, the Sultan divided his army into two parts I divided and took a large part.

And came out of the fort and was Ordered to form rows in the open field as soon as the Hindu army When he reached Somnath, the Sultan ordered an attack Mahmud Ghaznavi fought such a tough battle on the plains of India Never fought. The immense pressure of the Hindu Lashkar on the Muslims Was scattering the ranks of And forts behind them Another flood of enemies in the temple (army) also fell on them Was ready On this occasion.

Army of the Ghaznavi’s

There was no escape for the Muslims The Hindus felt that in a few moments, the Muslim’s Steps would be taken. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi in ​​this critical situation. He fell in prostration and prayed to Allah. Sultan Mahmood after the prayer The Ghaznavids rode on horseback and led the soldiers A strong attack was made on the enemy and in a short time the Hindus stepped forward and they began to clear the field after defeating this army Once again.

Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni’s army began to enter the fort On the other hand, the Hindus also again went to great lengths to protect the temple. Their groups started resisting one after another in front of Somnath Go and murmuring and then attacked the Muslims with new enthusiasm. In this battle, the corpses of Hindus would have fallen so much that the courtyard of the temple Corridors, stairs, rooms and terraces were all stained with blood.

Mehmood Ghaznavis Death

When the Islamic army reached the main hall of the temple, the fighters. The courage began to respond and she climbed the hall of the temple towards the sea Hundreds of people started running towards the descending stairs. There were thousands of boats, priests, and priests. The pilgrims sat in them and headed for Sri Lanka but they did not know It was not that the Sultan had already arranged for them. A group of Muslims was waiting for them in boats.

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The result was that a large number of fugitive priests drowned in the sea. Idols of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Somnath after this glorious victory Proceed to see. The priests who were left in the temple It was believed that Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi would reach the idol as soon as possible, he would be burnt to ashes, but when they got the Sultan right. When he saw the safety, he began to feel the danger that Sultan Mahmud The Ghaznavids would break this idol like other idols.

The priests asked the sultan to take the money he asked for, but not to break this idol. On this occasion, the Sultan gave the historic answer which he gave The Sultan died in history. The Sultan said, “If I am yours.” The world will remember me as Mahmud the idol seller. While I like that in this world and in the hereafter I am Mahmud’s idol breaker To be called by. The Sultan broke the idol of Somnath by saying Cast and desolate this center of idolatry.

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